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How to Stop Flash Game Addiction?

by Eugene111 (writer), , March 27, 2014

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Addicitng games eat your time

There are many people that worry about flash games as well as any other games being addictive.

There are many people that worry about flash games as well as any other games being addictive. There have been some studies to show that the games can get addictive in some cases, but not everyone is affected by them. It is important to consider whether they are becoming addictive for you or someone you love first.

Addiction is normally associated with a chemical dependency on something, but some studies show that gaming can produce a chemical reaction in the brain which can therefore mean that the games can be considered to be addictive. However, not everyone believes this is the case.

For most people, they would worry if gaming took over someone’s life and that they would rather do it than anything else. That it prevented them from doing normal things and they felt bad when they could not do it. However, it is important to get gaming in perspective. It is usually a hobby and could be compared to something like television. A generation ago television was frowned upon and it was felt that watching it too much was a problem. These days it is seen as normal and gaming is now the thing frowned upon. However, each can have their place in a completely balanced lifestyle.

The things to worry about would be if a child was gaming instead of doing homework or a person was calling in sick to work because they wanted to play games. If it is getting out of control, then limiting it could be the answer. Just play for an hour a day for a while or cut it out completely until you feel that control can be gained over it again. Most people will probably not get addicted to flash games anyway and so it is not a problem for many.

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