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Simple Tips to Increase Productivity in Work from Home Jobs

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Working from home is getting mainstream and millions of people today work from home and make a living. Women, Retirees and other folks prefer to work from rather going office.

Working from home is getting mainstream and millions of people today work from home and make a living. Women, Retirees and other folks prefer to work from rather going office.

Working from home is better than your 9 to 5 jobs in many ways. However, you have to be careful because working from home could be a big problem when it comes to productivity.

That is why I have jot down a list of 8 points that could help increasing your productivity.

1. Create a Time Table and Priority List

To become productive while working at home you need to create a time table. You can jot down things in an excel spreadsheet and work according to the time allotted for a particular piece of work.

If that work is finished in given time then you can checkmark that cell and move on.

To make your day more productive you can prioritize your work. The work that is more important should be finished first and less important should be dealt later.

2. Do NOT Waste Time Procrastinating Things

Procrastinating is very dangerous for people who work at home. Never postpone your work for next day and you have to finish the piece of work on that particular day.

This is the reason why in previous point I mentioned to create excel spreadsheet. You have to finish your work on due date otherwise you would keep on procrastinating it and in the end you pile up huge files.

Work from home jobs could be very dangerous if you do not complete in an allotted time. Hence do not postpone you work for the next day.

3. Build a Separate Room or Cabin for Office

In order to increase productivity for home jobs you have to create a work environment in your home. One of the big problems with work at home jobs is work culture.

In a 9 to 5 job you get a perfect work culture, where there is discipline and strict work culture and you are accountable to your seniors or boss.

However, in home jobs you are your own boss hence to make your work culture more productive build a separate room or cabin where you can concentrate on your work.

4. Do NOT Mix Your Household Chore with Your Home Job

Again do not fell for this trap. In home jobs as I said earlier there is no strict work culture. You could be distracted from your job and start helping out your spouse in kitchen or doing other things.

You could leave your job in between and leave your workplace to go market or getting kids from school or paying bills etc.

Hence, never mix your household chose with your home job. Otherwise you would be wasting your time.

5. Use Web Applications and Other Tools for Managing Emails

Readings thousands of email daily could be very time consuming. In fact, emails consume a lot of time and you have to find a way to save your time. It should be both ways, you must be able to read all important emails and at the same time neglect emails which are spam and of no use.

You could use software and other web applications to make your email list more readable so that you do not waste your time. You can which can help you to find the tools that you can use to increase productivity for your work from home jobs.

6. Allocate Tasks to Right Person as per their Skill

If you have hired people online or offline then you should allocate task to them according to their skill. You must know the skill of an employee working for you.

You could also hire them online via Fiver, eLance etc. If you know that your hired employee cannot perform or meet your expectation then do not delegate him or her particular task.

If you have given your employee a task then he or she must finish on given time.

7. Use 2 to 3 Computers with High Speed Internet

Always keep 2 to 3 computers in your home office. If you have more computers then you could distribute your work and get results in quick time. You do not have to waste time on just one computer.

Moreover, you internet speed must be of high speed. You can compromise on the Internet connectivity because you have to do a lot of work in quick time hence having a good speed is must. This is very important to increase productivity.

8. Sort Out Difficult Things First in Morning

Finally, you have to sort things out to increase your productivity. Things that you find difficult must be dealt first in the morning. It is because, in morning your mind is fresh and you deal with difficult thing more easily. Things that are easy must be tackled later in the evening. This could be another way to increase productivity while your work from home.

I hope these tips would help you to increase your productivity if you are working from home.

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