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Billie Piper & 'Belle Du Jour'

by Gad@er (writer), United Kingdom, June 28, 2007


The papers have been all over the shoot for ITV's 'Belle Du Jour,' starring Billie Piper, like acne on the face of a particularly greasy teenager. And it's not really too surprising that they have been, given Piper's history as juvenile popstar, Chris Evans' child bride and forner star of the succesful revival of Doctor Who.

However, while the hairy-palmed onanists have been able to please themselves in their own sordid ways over the paparazzi photos of Piper dressed as 'Belle,' the high-class call girl on whose book the ITV drama is based, they have a lot more to look forward to once the drama is actually aired.

'Belle Du Jour' will be sure to be score high in the ratings for one simple reason. It marks Piper's first ever full-frontal nude scene. I recommend you buy shares in Kleenex now.

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By Gad@er on July 23, 2007 at 02:54 pm
Hey guys! Ive been really being browsing around this website now! Since ive been here I have had 8 reviews, 2 links and lots of suport from the comments and emails ive got, thanks alot! Although, thanks...not to the person who sent me a message on my britney artical, the news is not fake and i was insulted at the rview you left me! Thanks for reading goosipers though peace, GAD@ER
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