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The Small Big Artist

by Leticia Pontoni (writer), Cordoba, Argentina, October 11, 2006


Leticia Teresa Pontoni

Henry Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) was a brilliant painter and drawer from France. He was born in an aristocratic family. He begun to study art in Paris in 1882, in 1885 was working in a studio in Monmartre. He became part of the Impressionists and Post-impressionists. His posters advertising the dancers and performers confirmed that he was a genius as an artist of wit, movement and too much energy. A precarious health was with him all his life. He lived with a physical malformation.
He was the pioneer of modern posters.
He grow up in November 24, 1864 and dead with 36 years old in Paris. He lived in a medieval castle of Albi.
Henry was sick, he was short, deformed, and his short legs show him like a cartoon in relation with his torso. In spite of his marvelous talent, he drunk alcohol for a long time, this will give him some problems in his body.
He was an advanced artist in the advertisement. He said: -“ The poster must shock with only one view and must be important to comprehend the message that we like to transmit”.
His first and important poster was when he painted to the principal ballerina of the Moulin Rouge with her partner in second place, but only can see her profile.
He was a big artist with virtues, many defects but with talent in all he did.
In August of 1901 began to have some problems of health. An attack left him semi paralytic. He intended to paint after this, but he couldn’t do it.
In September was in agony. His mother was near him all the time. She was a hypochondriac woman, but she loved him. His father never comprehends him.
And in September 9/1901 he died.
He was the best portrait painter of that “Belle Époque”, a genius.

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