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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Translation Services

by Sheri Brown (writer), New York, March 25, 2014

Globalization has led to the medical fraternity sharing their vast knowledge across the world, irrespective of language or cultural barriers.

Irrespective of their location, people across the world use medical services. With better awareness and availability of medical facilities and information, people travel to foreign lands for medical treatment. Irrespective of geographical barriers, the medical fraternity is sharing information to benefit mankind. However, cultural and linguistic barriers may lead to medical information being misinterpreted. This could result in posing a potential threat to people’s lives.

Overcoming language and cultural barriers is extremely important and when the domain in question is medical science, it is most critical. Medical translation work requires sound medical knowledge and a high degree of expertize in concerned languages. Medical business translators must have relevant qualifications, training and experience of handling the projects that they are assigned.

Why outsource medical translation services?

With the medical care market going global, businesses are making efforts to transcend beyond all barriers. Businesses are interacting with consumers as well as other businesses on a global scale; boosting the medical translation industry like never before. Medical translation is an important service, but most businesses do not need the service every day. It is best to outsource all translation work related to a medical enterprise for the following reasons:

1.Experts in every branch of medical science- Medical science is a highly diversified domain. Translation work in this domain requires expert intervention at every stage. To keep up with the latest developments in the field, translators need to be aware of the latest advancements. It can be very complicated to keep sending an in-house team for regular training and workshops. It is more practical to outsource medical translation work to a certified agency, which can handle the work more accurately and efficiently.

2.Huge savings- Unless a business outsources medical translation jobs, it will have to hire an in-house team. Businesses that do not have to deal with international clients on a daily basis can find this expensive. It is always more cost effective to outsource projects.

3.Professionally trained resources- When you outsource projects, you do not have to bother about training an in-house team for specific translation work. Professional translators have the right resources to handle all types of specific projects. They have resources trained to use translation tools such as translation memory technology. While it may not be possible for a business to hire a diverse pool of experts, it is not unusual for an agency to have professional translators on their panel.

4.Comprehensive range of services- Professional translation agencies offer a comprehensive range of services, which go beyond basic translation and localization. They often provide value-added services such as Desktop Publishing, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, document translation, interpretation services, and so on. They handle all translation related work, leaving a business owner with nothing to worry about.

5.Professionalism- Only certified translation agencies offer services with a guarantee. They ensure all translated work is accurate and completed on time.

Before a business outsources its translation work to an agency, it is critical to check the agency’s credentials. Choose an agency with a proven track record and a good reputation in the market. Moreover, if one is unhappy with the translated material, one can always switch over to a different agency. This may be preferable rather than hiring a new in-house team. It is easier and cheaper to outsource all medical translation work.

Today, more and more healthcare organizations are realizing the criticality of accurate medical translation. In many cases, hospitals have been sued for millions of dollars owing to language misinterpretations.

Certified translation agencies are usually armed with skilled medical translators who have the knowledge and expertise in the field. Unlike freelance translators, timelines, accuracy and quality are never an issue with such professional agencies.

One can search online and find agencies that undertake medical translation. Many online translation agencies have emerged in the recent past. Such agencies combine various tools along with a rich pool of expert human translators to offer the best quality in their work.

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