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Star Buying For Beginners

by Abergele Jones (writer), , March 23, 2014

Flowers, chocolates, CDs - we've heard them all. These are the stereotypical gifts that are often bought for that friend's birthday, a wedding gift or whatever occasion takes your fancy.

It would be fair to say that the above suggestions have grown a little old over time and the romantics out there like to spread their wings and get their hands on something a little out of the ordinary. With that, we present the star - that's right, one of those glistening objects we see in the sky every night.

This is something which is catching more and more attention and rather than the generic gift, it actually holds some meaning. Common occasions include the ones we mentioned above, as well as anything from Mother's Day, to anniversaries or even a remembrance gift. It sounds a bit of a fad at first, but when you delve into the details it's actually very impressive. There are now numerous companies allowing you to buy a star, with prices generally dependant on the star's location and just how bright it is to the naked eye.

What is making the star gift popular?

As we touched upon above, the process of buying a star is almost laughable at first. How do you know the star is yours? Will someone else claim it? These are just some of the questions that would be immediately filtering through one's head, although fortunately - we have the answers.

Every star sold will arrive with a certificate of authentication. In other words, that's your star for good - and nobody can take it away from you. Additionally, you'll receive a star map which will pinpoint exactly where your star is to again avoid any confusion.

However, while the above might sound quite interesting, this probably isn't the reason why the star market is soaring. Instead, it's because of the immense personalisation options that are available. Every star that is bought is handed a name by the buyer, meaning that there is automatically a lot of emotional attachment attributed to the gift. This name is then pinned into the gift package that’s sent over, which contains pictures of the star and everything you need to know about its origins. Immediately, the star has gone from a blot in the sky, to something that two people can relate to.

Despite what some people might think, this is also an industry which is tightly regulated. Quite incredibly, some companies will provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, although whether or not somebody is ever going to turn down the genuine offer of a star is debatable! On the subject of authenticity, there is a Celestial Star Registry which lists all of the stars in the world and their legal names. Upon receipt of your documentation, you will have immediate access to the registry and be able to see that you are the official owner of your star. The fact it is available online makes access a doddle, with most providers also completing the registration process in less than 24 hours.

Bearing the above in mind, it’s no surprise to see the market for stars growing. Any gift that allows for personalisation, and is completely out of the ordinary, is going to go down a storm and that seem to be buy exactly what’s happening here.

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