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Tips for Aspiring Editorial Photographers

Important Aspect for How To Become an Editorial Photographers

A lot of photographers today express their desire to explore editorial photography. There can be a lot of reasons for this, such as broadening their skills, adding to their portfolio, or simply, for getting more assignments. Whatever the reasons, one thing that every budding photographer needs to remember is that the competition in editorial photography is cutthroat, and one really needs to be the best at what he is doing to succeed in this field. Mentioned below are a few points that can be helpful for aspiring editorial photographers.

  • The job of an editorial photographer is to put the message across through poignant images. He needs to convey emotions in a subtle way to the readers. Often, an image has to accompany the article and lend more substance to it. In these scenarios, it is important for the editorial photographer to be in sync with what the writer is trying to say. The image should complement the article and the synchrony should be vivid. Therefore, it is advisable that you read the article thoroughly to understand where the writer is coming from. Once you have fully grasped the intent and expression of the writer, you will be in a better position to shoot an image that captures the essence of the piece. Reading before shooting an image will also help in setting the right tone for the article.
  • Paying attention to minute details is one of the most important aspects of editorial photography. Most art directors look for sharp images that convey a thousand words to the readers. While an average reader might not pay too much attention to the intricacies of editorial photography, an art directory will. Therefore, you cannot afford to be complacent about little details as the higher-ups will screen your image for quality.
  • Developing cordial and professional relationships with people you are working is another thing that budding editorial photographers should keep in mind. Your art director, writer, stylist, makeup artist, etc., all play an important role in getting the right shoot; therefore, it will be beneficial for you to cooperate with them and take their important inputs. In editorial photography, you need to be open to criticism and work towards improving yourself continuously. You should always keep this in mind while working.
  • Apart from knowing your colleagues, it also helps if you know the person you are going to shoot. Comfort level is an important part of a natural image, and as a photographer, it is your prerogative to put in the effort to make your subject comfortable.

These were a few tips that every editorial photographer should remember. As we mentioned before, the competition in editorial photography is cutthroat and currently, a lot of photographers are finding it difficult to survive in the competitive atmosphere. However, if you are really talented, finding assignments will not be too difficult for you. Concluding, we hope that this article helped you with some important tips on editorial photography and related information.

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Markus Staley is a photographer and photo editor operating out of the Greater Toronto Area. He specializes in wedding and art photography and is known for having a keen eye for detail, which he uses effectively in his photos to render them with a high aesthetic quality
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