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How to Improve Your Home’s Security

Smart tips for homeowners who want to keep their property and loved ones safe.

Even if you don’t have kids or expensive items in your home, everyone still has to worry about home security. However big or small, valuables and personal items are worth protecting. So, everyone should set aside some time and money to create a safe home that you can feel good about.

The subject matter is a little scary; after all, no one wants to image an emergency situation happening to them. But the process of upping your home security can be relatively painless. Here are some ideas to take your home security up a notch without doing anything to drastic.

Install a home security system

Using a good home security alarm system (click for ADT coverage) can be a literal life-saver when an emergency arises. Most security alarm systems can be installed quickly and are easy to operate, even when you are in a hurry. Give you codes only to people living in the house and a trusted neighbor, just in case. Also, display a number of signs with your home security system logo on them so intruders are deterred before they attempt to enter your home.

Check entry points before you leave the house

If you need a visual aid or a reminder, post a list of check points to go through each time you leave the house. Don’t allow any easy access points into your home for intruders to utilize. Lock all doors and windows, upgrade to anti-drill locks, turn off stoves and all hot items and avoid hiding a spare key around your home. Making sure to take extra precautions will make an incident less likely to happen to you.

Keep your comings and goings a secret

Try to trick people into believing that you are home when you are not. It could waste a lot of energy, but consider leaving lights or the TV on when you are away. Leaving an extra car in the driveway instead of the garage can also throw predators off. Lastly, try to resist putting travel plans on your social media sites. You never know who’s watching, and that week-long vacation you are taking to Hawaii next week could be the perfect time for someone to break in.

Don’t create easy hiding spots

Intruders usually target homes that have a lot of hiding spots nearby. This way, they can get in and out without being exposed for too long, increasing their chances of success. Eliminating hiding spots for intruders is a crucial step in protecting your home. Do this by keeping bushes and trees trimmed, and consider adding thorny plants underneath windows and beside doors and adding extra lighting, like motion-detecting flood lights.

Use your neighborhood to your advantage

It is always a good thing to get to know your neighbors, but it is also helpful in practicing extra security measures. Having a trusted neighbor to check your house while you are away and have a key or alarm code in case of an emergency is great for your peace of mind. Some neighborhoods also have neighborhood watch programs to keep crime rates low in the area. Learn more about your neighborhood’s program and even volunteer to help keep your home as safe as possible.


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