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Popularity Of Men’s Jewelry Growing With Time: Says India’s

by Swarit Chatterjee (writer), , March 17, 2014

While Kolkata men are slowly indulging in the trend of investing in personal fashion jewelry, the uber cool men’s community Mumbai has marched way ahead of time.

The term Jewelry can be used to implicate unisex accessories as in the current age it is fancied as much by men as by women. The modern man is quite comfortable with the idea of wearing jewelry. Some men wear it on a daily basis while others like decking up in special times of celebration or for some important events. The plight of jewelry from being an isolated and ever envied accessory for women to becoming a much demanded men’s fashion accessory covers interesting factoids. Special credits are to be given to the genius of those jewelry designers who have redesigned and reinvented the significance of jewelry as a fashionable commodity for men.

In this article we will go about inspecting trends in men’s jewelry and discuss insights of designers and how they evaluate the contemporary jewelry market.

Inspecting trends: Men’s Accessories

According to Platinum Guild – more and more men are investing in jewelry. The urban man has stepped out of the age-old stereotype and is experimenting a lot with the metrosexual makeover. And jewelry is one of the most important fashion statements that can endorse a man as an elite personality.

Men these days are comfortable wearing a lot of things; neckties, rings and ear studs are amongst the common types of jewelry, preferred by men. However nowadays men seem to nurture passion in unique jewelry as Cufflinks, shirt studs, tie accents, belt buckles, anklets, Watches, other piercings – Nose brow, naval etc. However not all men can carry these special jewelry types as mentioned above. “When it comes to buying men’s jewelry, one must choose wisely. The only mantra that can make for an elegant, sophisticated look is to wear simple and comfortable pieces. Going by personal fashion preference is better, than wearing jewelry that your peers think are cool.” says Siddharthaa Sawansukha, a renowned Kolkata based designer famous for his incredible aesthetic sense and dare to experiment on the fusion look.

Kolkata based jewelry Designer, Siddhartha Sawansukha Provides insight to the trend of Men wearing Jewelry

Carrying forward the rich legacy of Sawansukha, Siddharthaa a graduate from Gemological Institute American has launched his New label SIDDHARTHA. Unlike Sawansukha mainstream designs, SIDDHARTHAA as a brand will push the designer’s quest to perfect the art of jewelry making. Till date he has received credible awards and accolades as Solitaire Design award by GJEPC for BEST DESIGN (for three consecutive years), DTC Award for BEST STOCK & BEST RANGE OF JEWELLER (2008) the recently the prestigious Heritage Jewellery Award for his jewelry invents and initiatives. Commenting on the trend of men wearing jewelry Siddharthaa says “jewelry is not a new concept for men, gold was a symbol of power and in the earlier days we read about and see pictures of kings wearing lots of gold in the form of body adornments.” Asked him about his what we would pick for him, the designer laughs replying “definitely not the atrocious pierce jewelry. I would rather pick watches, tie accents, bracelets and the like.”

Nirav Modi speaks on the growing popularity of Men’s Jewelry

While Kolkata men are slowly indulging in the trend of investing in personal fashion jewelry, the uber cool men’s community Mumbai has marched way ahead of time. Thanks to inspirational designers as Amrita Singh, Farah Khan, Nirav Modi and more. Our pick was Nirav Modi –having made to 52nd rank in the list of Indian billionaires, Forbes – this 42 year old jewelry designer is well known for his “fluid designs” and international exhibits. Recently a Nirav Modi piece - Riviere Diamond Necklace was sold for $5.1 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong to an Asian buyer.

Talking about trends in men’s accessories Nirav Modi says that men’s fondness for jewellery is but only a natural progression of life. So is he making jewelry for men? “Not immediately, but maybe in the future. It depends on the growing demands of the market.”

Hearing it from a Women: Neelam Soni on Men’s Jewelry Trends

Neelam Soni, an actor turned jewelry designer agrees with the other two designers, Siddharthaa and Nirav about the growing fascination amongst men to look good in jewelry.” I get orders from men for customized statement jewelry and am amazed by the personal inputs that my male customers bring in. the amount of research on components, trends, suitability that these guys provide is very inspiring for us designers.”

Key Markets for Men’s Jewellery

The main markets that are scaling up its sale for men's jewellery are Mumbai, Baroda, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Cochin. Amongst the variety of materials used platinum and gold are most popular. Platinum has a practical side to it as men preferring to wear platinum can wear jewelry on a daily basis without looking flamboyant. With its growing demand for men’s jewelry India now features as the third biggest jewellery market in the world.

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