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Opening the ideal cleaning business that will last

by Frank (writer), , March 16, 2014

There are some businesses that never go out of date. Cleaning business is one of those fields.

Crikey, have you seen the state of the economy just now? It’s not exactly healthy looking, is it?

With unemployment rife, banks wary about handing out loans, and bricks-and-mortar businesses folding amidst pressure from internet giants, the future seems a bit bleak, really.

But, a world away from doom-laden news stories, there are some businesses that never go out of date, because there’s always a need for them.

While record stores collapse as Amazon muscles into the music business, and the film industry struggles in the paws of internet piracy, the old classic fields that key into fundamental needs are rarely superseded.

Cleaning is one of those fields. The cleaning company Rentokil, for example, has maintained a foothold in the cleaning industry for over a century, proving that enterprises providing good, timeless service won’t fail into the pitfalls of recession.

Naturally, prosperity isn’t as simple as starting up a cleaning company and crossing your fingers, so follow some of these tips to push your business towards the stratosphere of success.

Find your niche

Anyone can run a cleaning company, but the ones that are really successful fulfill a niche that the market has been crying out for. Specialist cleaning services spring up all the time, and it’s the companies that can fight their corner who’ll carry on succeeding.

Whether it’s street cleaning, forensic clear-ups or kitchen cleaning, figure out your niche before you plunge headlong into business.

Slow but steady wins the race

You hear about it loads in the music industry – those bands who have one hit single that’s catchier than the plague, only to disappear after churning out dross.

It’s the fate of many a business, too. After duking it out with the big boys in your first year, your enterprise begins to haemorrhage cash and stretch itself beyond its means. Like a boxer who’s had too many fights in his prime, your business becomes a staggering mess.

The company that succeeds doesn’t overstretch itself in the early years. Instead, focus. The more your business lives as a steady, reliable figure, the more its reputation will harden like a boiled egg.

Back to the boxing analogy: the infamous Muhammad Ali, in his older age, perfected a technique in the ring that led to him to win a load of matches. Instead of piling in with a flurry of punches, he’d simply defend himself until his opponent was too tired to fight anymore. Then he’d roar in with a knockout.

And that man was a legend, so keep your business limber by standing firm, not overreaching.

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