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On the Cusp: Fashions Tips for Ladies Stuck Between Standard

by jasminehodgson (writer), , March 13, 2014

There's no shortage of trendy clothes for standard size women and an increasing number of options for plus size women

There's no shortage of trendy clothes for standard size women and an increasing number of options for plus size women. But what do you do if you're stuck between sizes? Those in-between sizes are distinctly absent on the racks of most popular retailers and it's almost impossible to show off your newfound shape in the all too generous shapes found in the plus sized shops.

So what are your options? How do you avoid clothes that are either too shabby or snug? The following tips will help relieve your burden and liberate your inner goddess.

Don't feel bad

Women are plagued by many body image issues, and not finding clothes to fit your body could lead to all sorts of hang-ups. It's not your fault you're stuck between sizes so don't beat your body up or think that you're odd because of it.

Remember that they're just clothes. Every retailer has its own definition of the ideal customer; some employ vanity sizing while others are true-to-size. Some retailers might just not be the right fit for your body type, and that's okay. The sheer volume of online and offline retailers means that you'll eventually find styles you want in sizes that suit your body - you just need to remain positive.

Get your clothes tailored

A skilled tailor can customize clothing to suit your body. It's easier to tailor an outfit that's too big, so keep that in mind. Also, you won't have to fuss about too long clothing if you have a good tailor to adjust the length.

Shop online

This solution might not be immediately obvious, but you should shop online to get those hard to find sizes. The clothing found at caters to plus sizes, and you're sure to find that few pieces that fit your body. The good news is that online stores have flexible return policies so you won't be stuck with items you can't wear. Watch for coupons and free shipping promotions to reduce the cost of shopping online.

Check the men's department

Ordinarily, men's clothing is a no-no. But if you need basics, such as polos or skinny jeans, try men's versions as you might be able to fit into them. A lot of menswear is now unisex, so you might be able to find clothing that doesn't compromise style.

Don't overlook petites

If you're on the shorter side, petite sizes might be just what you need. A lot of retailers have petites in larger sizes, so try them on because they might fit your proportion better than standard sizes.

Find shops with clothing designed to fit you

It might take some time to find a brand with designs you like, but your search will end once you find the right retailer. Whether you need more space in the bust, hips or thighs, once you find a brand you love, it will be much easier to find the perfect fit.

Try stuff on

Don't discount clothing based on what the label says. A size 16 at one store may be a size 12 at another. Always try clothing on especially if you find a style and color that you absolutely love. While you might be disappointed with a few of the pieces, trying on clothes is worth it if you find something that looks fabulous.

Look around and find inspiration from others

What are women built like you wearing? Check out magazines, online blogs, and street fashion to see what others are wearing. You could also ask other women where they shop; women are always happy to share their trade secrets. By doing this, you'll find tons of new shops that you never knew about. Independent designers and small boutiques are prime places.

A lot more women are caught in that cusp than you probably realize. Some women are comfortably stuck in between sizes while others find their way there when they lose or gain weight. So remember you're not alone. Everyone struggles with finding the right fit. But with some work, you'll find designs that suit your body, no matter what size you wear.

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Jasmine Hodgson is a style diva. She enjoys taking her personal fashion experiences and helping other everyday women create fun, fresh, and flattering wardrobes.
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