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Made for Mining: Modern Lighting for Visibility

by William Dawson (writer), , March 13, 2014

The words "security, safety and visibility" are three words that highlight the theme that encompasses everything at the core of the mining world.

The words "security, safety and visibility" are three words that highlight the theme that encompasses everything at the core of the mining world. The past year or two has presented horrific and tragic stories concerning mining accidents. These stories serve as a reminder of just how dangerous the industry is. The aforementioned three words are constantly on the minds of mining workers as they engage their jobs each day.

Equipment manufacturers that supply the mining industry are consistently looking for ways to improve the environment of miners -- increasing the level of safety and comfort. This can be a challenge when the need to consider cost effectiveness is also paramount. One way that Hella has worked to increase safety and visibility is in the design and development of a new heavy duty light that provides better lighting for miners - at the same time reducing the level of fatigue.

Hella understands that comfort in these work environments is an extremely important issue. The more fatigued workers become the more vulnerable they become to the possibility of night blindness. With this light, workers experience a more even lighting pattern, reducing the polarity of inconsistent lighting.

According to LED Inside, this super-powered LED light is pre-wired with 1.8 meters marine grade cable that is double insulated. The release of these new lights, which is designed specifically for the mining industry means that miners will be able to see with greater ease - without the strain that is normally created by poor and inconsistent lighting. Straining to see in poorly lighted environments can also have a negative impact on energy levels, creating fatigue. Fatigue in mining situations is extremely dangerous because miners who are tired are more prone to make mistakes - many of which can be potentially deadly.

This is not your normally flood lamp - incorporating 56 high-powered LED lamps that has the capacity of producing the brightness of 20,000 lumens. This produces an almost day light environment and ensures an exceptional color rendering. Not only does this new light help with increasing the level of light emitted, but it also expands the coverage area of the light. By placing this lamp of light towers, you can extend the reach of the light dramatically.

The new HYPALume light is compatible with both, AC and DC applications, having the capacity to withstand extreme outdoor, underground and industrial conditions.

The lighting unit is equipped with a driver board that is specifically designed to with an advanced thermal management system which draws heat away from the LED lamps - ensuring an extended operating life. These lights are also designed to function in extreme temperatures without loss of output or performance. There is no comparison between conventional lighting and the new HYPALume lamp.

With so much riding on the line, this new lighting product takes visibility and safety in the mining industry to the next level.

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William Dawson is a veteran mine supervisor. He often blogs about safety concerns to keep miners safe and productive.
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