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Sarah Michelle Gellar & 'Alice'

by Gad@er (writer), United Kingdom, June 27, 2007


Sarah Michelle Gellar (TV's Buffy the vampire slayer) has agreed to play the charahter of 'Alice' from the EA video game 'American McGee's Alice'. The plot continues from the incredible story of the popilar childrens novel by Lewis Carroll. It's a remake from the PC game (made in 2001) and is surpossed to be realeased next year 08.

The Plot: Alice finds herself in a terrible fire which destroys her house and kills her mother and farther. Due to depression and insanity Alice (Gellar) finds herself returned to Wonderland. But everythings changed, nothings the same and everythings dark. But to unravelling a hidden passage to save Wonderland again, Alice finds something alot more deadlier.

...'Somethings diffrent'
'What's diffrent Alice'
'...I am'.

The game iteslf can be downloaded (demo) by various sites. You can also see game previews if you go onto The film will be realised new year 08 and sure looks great, especialy if your a Sarah Michelle Gellar or hororr fan!

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