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A Denim Revolution: Boyfriend and Bootcut Jeans

by Megan Barnes (writer), , March 11, 2014

Bootcut Jeans

Two popular trends in denim this season are causing a near revolution: the comfort revolution. That's right, ladies, off with those skinny jeans you have to paint on and peel off.

Two popular trends in denim this season are causing a near revolution: the comfort revolution. That's right, ladies, off with those skinny jeans you have to paint on and peel off. This season, you get to breathe again. Enter, the boyfriend jeans and the bootcut jeans. These two trends are taking over the fashion industry, much to the relief of almost everyone. But picking the right fit is important to pulling off the look, and knowing what to pair the jeans with can be helpful, as well. Below, you'll find helpful information on how to choose the right fit and craft a great style with two of the season's hottest trends in denim.

Boyfriend Jeans

If you're going for the boyfriend jeans, make sure you pick a pair that have the right elements. Sometimes, the boyfriend jeans can start to look a little sloppy if the fit is too baggy, or if there are too many holes and tears. The idea is to look as though you've borrowed your boyfriend's jeans for the day, so they should be slightly loose fitting, straight cut, and a bit worn. Some holes and tears are okay, but if you've got too many, it can start to look like you borrowed your grandpa's jeans instead.

The Fit

The fit of the boyfriend jeans should be slightly snug at the waist, much like any other pair of jeans you would wear. From there, they should fit comfortably, but not baggy, over your thighs, and then fall straight down much like a boot cut to your ankles.

The Style

The style should be worn, and a bit roughed up. But keep in mind you're still a woman, so even though these are boyfriend jeans, they're still supposed to suite your body well, and be presentable, also. One trend in boyfriend jeans that has come about is that of patchwork boyfriend jeans, which are a stylish way to wear the look without too much ruggedness. Boyfriend jeans come in a number of great washes, so you can choose the colour and style that's best for you. As long as the wash is slightly faded, you don't have to go for the hole-and-tear style, but you can if you want to, just do it in moderation.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are a great alternative to the boyfriend jeans if you're not on board, or if you want to vary your wardrobe a bit. The bootcut jeans are fitted at the waist, and comfortable but fitted through the upper thigh. From the lower thigh down to the ankle, it's a straight cut, and they usually end at the ankle.

The Fit

To find a properly fitting pair of bootcut jeans, you'll want to make sure they aren't too baggy. Conversely, you want to make sure they aren't too tight through the thighs. Some people make the mistake of getting bootcut jeans that are skin tight down to the knee, and then abruptly loosen and almost flare out to the bottom. This is not the style you want to go for. When you look at bootcut jeans in the mirror, they should appear to have a clean, straight line from top to bottom, with a fitted but flattering look.

The Style

The purpose of the bootcut jeans is to provide you with a clean, polished denim you can wear anywhere. From casual Friday at the office, to shopping at the mall, and even into a casual date night, these jeans can be paired with anything from pointy-toed flats to boots to high heels. It just depends on your personal style. A v-neck jumper and boots work well with the bootcut jeans, as does a sequin top and heels. Find pairings that work well for you.

There are a number of different combinations you can make using the boyfriend jeans or the bootcut jeans as a base. Remember, the boyfriend jeans are meant to be a bit more relaxed, and although boyfriend shirts and heels have been paired with them, casual is the key. Bootcut jeans can be worked into almost any style, so find combinations that work well for you. Both styles give you quite a bit of freedom in how you style your wardrobe around them, but finding the proper fit is crucial. Have fun, and enjoy the looser, more comfortable trends in denim.

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