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Proposal Ideas That Don’t Require a Production Team

by Sandra Morton (writer), Wandsworth, London, March 11, 2014

These days it seems as if you can’t go online without seeing a link to a marriage proposal video or story that has millions of views and comments.

While it’s a wonderful thing people are so committed to their partners that they’ll create an over-the-top proposal, for many people this type of extravagant event is not practical or even desirable.

The pressure may be on to create a one of a kind proposal event, complete with a flash mob, choreography and a Hollywood-caliber production team, but if that is not your style, why not consider something a little more traditional? After all, the real goal is to profess your love by asking one simple question.

After you’ve chosen your wedding jewelry and it’s time to offer that ring to your one–and–only, consider some of these proposal ideas that are classic and classy. Demonstrate your love and devotion in a way that is just as special and romantic as the ones you see on YouTube.

Involve Friends and Family

If your bride to be enjoys spending time with her family and friends, consider asking them to help you plan the proposal and even take part. Of course, if your partner is the traditional type, make sure you ask for her parents’ permission first.

Her sisters and girlfriends can be great help, especially if she’s confided in them the details of her dream proposal and wedding. Ask them for assistance, but make sure that you keep your tastes and ideas in the forefront. After all, this is ultimately between you and your girlfriend.

When the plan has been set, her friends and family can help make she sure she arrives at the proposal site at the appointed time. However, it might be best to only let a few people know about your plans to avoid spoiling the surprise.

Think of Your Relationship

Obviously you and your bride-to-be have a history together, one that is full of shared experiences, laughter, and adventure.

Instead of relying on production value for your proposal, make it more personal by revisiting important moments in your relationship. Places like the restaurant you had your first date, the park you first told her you loved her, or the beach where you first vacationed together already have special meaning for the both of you. These places are perfect as the setting for the next step in your lives and show you value the experiences leading to this moment.

Show Her How Well You Know Her

While a halftime proposal might be right for some women, it’s not right for all women. Simply because you love football does not mean that she wants to have her marriage proposal broadcast on the Jumbotron.

Create a proposal that is centered on something she likes. Is she an equestrian? Arrange a horseback ride through the country and pop the question. Does she love to travel? Plan a romantic dinner somewhere exotic and surprise her by proposing in the local language. Is she a bookworm? Plan an afternoon of browsing in used bookstores, and propose using a quote from her favorite author.

While the proposal is special for both of you, a carefully planned moment that shows that you really understand her is about as romantic as it gets.

Ask Her What She Wants

For many couples, marriage may be the next logical step in a carefully planned relationship. If this is the case with your relationship, simply ask her how she’d like to proceed. She might be the girl who would like to choose her own ring, and have some say in the manner in which it’s presented to her.

The two of you can decide together how the proposal should be orchestrated. Perhaps it will be a quiet dinner or it might be at a lavish party, but the most important thing is that you will have decided together on the most special proposal that is perfect for your relationship.

An over-the-top proposal might be right for some, and it will always be nice to watch those proposals on the Internet. For those of us who simply want to express our deepest love to the person with whom we’d like to spend the rest of our lives, something more traditional is likely to be perfect. Think carefully about the things that she likes, ask her close friends and family for ideas, then create the most romantic and thoughtful situation you can. She’ll cry a little bit and say yes, and then your happily ever after can start right away. After your romantic proposal, now you can shop for a uniquely designed wedding band together!

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