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Whole Food: Cheese or yogurt?

by dfhnyc (writer), New York, June 27, 2007

I was in Summit, NJ, a couple of months ago at a friend’s house. We were sitting around watching TV, munching on snacks. I got up to see what I could find in the refrigerator. I was in the mood for yogurt, so I scanned the fridge for that. I was suddenly struck by an interestingly shaped container, the type in which single-serving cottage cheese (but not yogurt) is packaged. Across the front read “” I’d never seen it before, but it said ‘high in protein’ and ‘naturally fat-free.’ I was sold. I took the skyr from the fridge, walked back to the couch, and started eating. It was thick and creamy and delicious. The texture was slightly thicker than whole milk yogurt, but it did not feel as heavy. I asked my friend what it was and she had no clue. I immediately glanced at the fat content in the nutritional information. Zero grams of fat. Sixteen grams of protein. I couldn’t believe it didn’t have any fat and that it had that much protein.

When I got home later that day, I went straight to the website to find out more about this skyr ( I found out that skyr (pronounced skeer) has been an Icelandic specialty since the time of the Vikings. Although it looks like thick yogurt, skyr is actually a type of fresh cheese. Since it is made from skim milk that is cultured and then concentrated, it has no fat and is very high in protein. Basically, my new favorite breakfast meal.

I went straight to Whole Foods in Manhattan the next day, and to my shock and dismay, they did not carry it. This was several months ago. Last week, I went back on the off chance that they were now carrying what the store in New Jersey had carried for months. This time I struck gold. Each container is $2.79, grant it a whole lot for yogurt/cheese, what have you, but once you taste it, I guarantee you’ll be hooked. And apparently, so is everyone who's tried it. I went back yesterday, and they were sold out. Today, suffering from skyr withdrawal, I went back, found my fix, and bought out what was left.

It comes in several flavors (vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, and plain). I’ve tasted them all of them but the plain, and my favorite is without a doubt the blueberry. (This was also the one they carried most of.)

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