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Senate Steps Further Out of Touch

by D. E. Carson (writer), , June 27, 2007

It would appear that the years of alcohol abuse have finally begun to manifest themselves into a total inability to think properly. Senator Edward M. Kennedy is so far out of touch with America that his drinking habits are the only plausible explanation – there’s no way he could possibly be this stupid.

Or could he?

It seems that even the president himself is missing the boat on the current, hotly debated immigration bill. You read that right, I, D. E. Carson, your loveable conservative voice of common sense am actually criticizing George W. Bush and even willing to utter the “i” word in reference. When it comes to the immigration problem in this country, Bush falls on the side of idiot – right next to Senators Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Kit Bond, Norm Coleman, Pete Domenici, John Ensign and Jim Webb. If you look real close, you’ll see a couple of Republicans listed there. After all there were 24 turn-coat Republicans who signed on to support this sorry excuse for legislation.

The current immigration bill, S 1639, is thinly veiled amnesty, period. It doesn’t matter if the criminal illegal aliens are required to pay a fine and back taxes, giving them what they want – legal status without the paperwork – is amnesty. This bill will enable illegal aliens to jump to the head of the immigration line and by-pass people who have been following the rules and waiting patiently for years to obtain legal entry to the U.S.A.

But amnesty isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that there are 64 idiots in the Senate and one in the White House who are not paying attention to the people to whom they are accountable. In the United States, the government is not above the people, the people are above the government. Congress makes laws based on what the people want, not on what Congress wants. If the people don’t like S 1639, then the Senate has a responsibility to kill bill and move on. The first time S 1639 came up, people flooded the Senate with all kinds of protests voicing opposition to this amnesty. Then President Bush tried to jump into the fray and tell us that we need this particular legislation thinking he could somehow muster popular support. Sorry, Georgie but this time, you don’t have the credibility. The facts are this: Bush has the lowest approval rating of any wartime president (compliments of George Soros and his foul-mouthed liars) and that does not give him the authority or the credibility to lend support to a piece of garbage legislation like S1639. Furthermore, S1639 is garbage and needs to thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

I have not read the entire 700+ page bill, but I have read the abstract and I have read highlights. This bill is garbage. It undermines America’s ability to protect itself and it places unreasonable demands on law enforcement. One provision requires a 24-hour turn around on background checks before granting a visa. Talk about unreasonable. There are an estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens in the USA. Who’s kidding whom about processing all of them in 24 hours? Senator Kennedy knows this cannot be done. That’s why he said that today’s vote was a “major step forward for…our humanity.” He wants these illegal aliens to be legalized fast so he can build a support base for the Democrats. So he puts in this provision so that when the 24 hours expires, drug smugglers, rapists, murderers, drunk drivers, wife beaters, gang members, punks and thugs all get legalized before they’re discovered. This way, they can all get Constitutional representation – a right reserved only to those here legally. Plus, it wipes out all of the food stamp/social welfare violations. Once liberals start handing out free money, it never ends. Just remember that free money isn’t free. It’s coming out of YOUR PAYCHECK. Every time you get paid, there is a large sum of money taken from you and given, no strings attached, to illegal aliens.

America is not now, nor has it ever been anti-immigrant. America is happy to take anyone from any nation in the world and make him or her an American. No one can immigrate to Mexico and become a Mexican. No one can immigrate to China and become Chinese. No other country in the world has the ability to assimilate immigrants so completely as to make them truly one of its own. So no, America is not anti-immigrant (nor am I). But Americans need to become anti-illegal immigrant. There are rules for coming into America and immigrants need to follow those rules. You can’t make up the rules of society as you go along nor can you arbitrarily follow or ignore them to fit your convenience. All current immigration rules should be followed every time. Otherwise, the country falls into chaos. Just ask any citizen of the Roman Empire what happens when you allow people to just move into your country with no rules for how they move in. Oh, wait, you can’t ask a member of the Roman Empire because they didn’t enforce their borders like they should have and subsequently the empire collapsed into dust.

Kennedy’s S1639 is a modern day non-enforcement clause to our immigration laws. It was ill-conceived in some back room somewhere replete with all the cloak and dagger mystery of a secret fraternity of spoiled elitists whose only goal in life is to see how long they can rape Americans before becoming tired, tossing all of us away like worthless garbage and moving on to the next naïve victim.

Memo to Kennedy et al: I don't know about the rest of the country, but I like to be kissed when I get screwed…

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