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It's Tax Season: Where Accountants Make Their Money

by Rip Van Winkle (writer), , March 05, 2014

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Tax Season

The most hated time of the year has arrived for USA wage earners. It is tax season, and Uncle Sam is waiting for his money.

Although the government benefits from these collections, there are other Americans who benefit from this tax time of year as well. Tax accountants are happy to welcome in the New Year—it heralds the beginning of the new tax season. Tax accountants’ appointment books fill to capacity, and tax offices become active, busy places. In the United States, citizens have from January to April of every year to even the score with Uncle Sam’s IRS. So as individuals moan and groan at the thought of tax season, accountants are smiling broadly—counting their money.

Taxman Training and Tithes
Perhaps you like the idea of working with other people’s money or maybe you would consider yourself smarter than most by working for tax demands rather than groaning against it. What if the sight of neat little numbers well organized into tidy little rows brings you inner peace and joy? If the following reflects your thoughts and experiences, then accounting may be for you!

You will want to earn an online Bachelor degree in Accounting. After your degree, you will follow a path to licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA). A licensed CPA will work independently in their own practice—they provide guidance to their clients on fiscal responsibility and help with appropriate funds distribution.

An associate degree or bachelor’s degree in accounting can be earned through traditional campus coursework or online. In a traditional setting, accounting degrees will be housed in the business school of an university. If you enjoy the idea of doing it online, then choose a college that is accredited so you can be fully licensed. Accreditation by a national agency ensures that the school you choose operates in a professional manner offering legitimate instruction whether traditional or online—universities like Keiser University or Kaplan provide accredited online accounting training.

US News Provides Valuable Information to Support Your Decisions
Every year US News provides an extensive evaluation and ranking of today’s best colleges —they provide extensive factual information for each college. They also provide a rank score for their top choices. Contemporary reported by US News now includes information and rankings for today’s best online colleges and programs—their reporting is so extensive that they provide information like class size and off-campus access to support services. US News site will match your preferences and college specifics to provide a direct match between your plans and the college best suited for you. They provide invaluable information for anyone exploring their options.

As you work toward your degree, you should be aware of the requirements that lead to licensure. You will want to ensure your courses will be acceptable and can satisfy licensing requirements.

CPA: Path to Licensing
The first step to becoming a CPA and knowledgeable tax accountant is to earn 150 college hours. There is no federal standard for how many hours must be accounting courses and Specific courses are determined by each state’s licensing board. When you have completed your accounting courses, you will then apply to take the national CPA licensing test. You must pass with a score of 75 on a 100 point scale and check the state regulations where you plan to work. Some states have begun to require a graduate degree before taking the CPA licensing exam.

After successfully passing the licensing exam, you will then complete 1- to 2-years of supervised work. You will work as a tax accountant or an auditor under the direct supervision of a CPA. While the path seems long, the rewards are rich—the financial return for the time you invest is very good.

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