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Affordable Formal Dresses now Available with Free Custom Size

by Mighell (writer), , March 03, 2014

Queenie Australia is now accepting orders for custom size and color service of cheap formal dresses for free. Offer available on long, short and other formal dresses.

Queenie Australia now offers affordable formal dresses with free custom size and color service. They are accepting custom orders for white formal dresses, cheap formal dresses and other dress varieties available in their store.

“We are offering free consultations on custom sizes and color of formal dresses. You can let us know about your custom requirement regarding size, fit or color for white or any other variety of formal dresses’, says a fashion expert of Queenie Australia.

If a customer cannot find a suitable match for color and body size at the online store, at that point of time the company helps its customer with insightful advices. It teaches customer about effective ways of taking body measures related to neck, waist and height along with other important parameters. The normal sizes, which Queenie Australia offers, ranges from 4 to 30 accordingly. The company entertains all sorts of queries related with modification of styles, fabrics and length of the formal dresses.

“The custom made formal dresses are economically priced. You can easily purchase one and get a feel that the dress is similar to one worn by a celebrity at some party”, says the owner of Queenie Dress.

He adds the design of custom size formal dress matches one’s personality to give a fine impression to others. The company takes utmost care while advising customers for choosing colors. The color should have a perfect match with the looks, height and complexion of the body. In addition, the beading works, done on formal dress give a differentiated look.

“I purchased a custom made formal dress from Queenie Australia, which I wore at a prom party. I was completely satisfied because the dress perfectly fitted my body’, says a customer of Queenie Australia.

The company is generating good response by introducing free custom size and color service. Many customers have registered with the offer. There is no confirmation from the company, how long they are going to retain this service.

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