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6 of the Best Companies to Buy Your Electronic Products From

by Annie Davis (writer), , March 01, 2014

To keep your company at the top of its industry, it’s essential that you equip it with the best electronic products and services on the market.

To keep your company at the top of its industry, it’s essential that you equip it with the best electronic products and services on the market. This begins with the companies you shop from. Turn to these industry leaders for innovative technology that’s sure to keep you ahead of the competition.

Apple for Smart Phones and Tablets

Don’t let Apple’s overwhelming trendiness blind you to the quality and innovation that earned it so many die-hard fans to begin with. The iPod and iPhone became the standard designs that all other MP3 players and smartphones would eventually emulate. More than 150 million iPhones were sold in 2013, giving iOS a 43.4 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market. Though Microsoft developed the tablet first, the iPad was the product that came along and streamlined this tech for a consumer audience. Meanwhile, the MacBook’s retina display redefined the image requirements for top-notch companies on the web.

IBM for Hosting and Consulting

IBM is best known for producing hardware and software, but it also provides a host of services that back up these technologies and keep companies running smoothly. IBM’s consulting and hosting are both reliable and innovative. This company has held the record for most patents for 19 consecutive years.

Each year, IBM releases a much-anticipated list of five technology predictions for the next five years. Its 2013 predictions included smarter education, smarter commerce, smarter medicine, smarter privacy and protection services, and smarter cities via the Web of Things. With its own pending innovations in nearly all of these areas, IBM promises to play a major role in the tech trends of the future.

Verizon for High Speed Internet

Verizon is a leading provider in the communications industry. Now its Internet services are promising to revolutionize the way companies get online. Their FiOS Internet connection uses 100 percent fiber optics for a connection that can reach speeds of up to 500/100 Mbps. With nearly unlimited bandwidth, companies can get access to the Internet with nothing to hold them back. Thankfully, these top-of-the-line services don’t come with a high-end price tag. Promotions like February Verizon Wireless coupons can even make them downright affordable.

Hewlett-Packard for Printing

Hewlett-Packard provides technology to customers in several important industries including government, education, and health care. Its printing products are particularly notable with technology like the latex printer, installed in approximately 9,000 places worldwide. Despite some unfortunate decisions, like the acquisition of Autonomy, HP’s stock increased 80 percent between November 2012 and August 2013. HP gets 27 percent of its revenue from personal systems, 24 percent from its enterprise group, 22 percent from printing, and 21 percent from enterprise services.

Samsung for Television and LCD Displays

Samsung has held the leading market share in TVs for six consecutive years. It is also the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, LCD panels, smart phones, and memory chips. In 2011 alone, it poured $10.3 trillion into research and development. R&D personnel makes up 25 percent of the company, keeping Samsung on top of the most popular trends, like LCD and 3D displays. If you’re shopping for high-end monitors and TV screens, Samsung is the provider to turn to.

Google for Research and Technology

Google is known for its innovations, making it an excellent choice for companies that want to hop on the latest technology trends early in the game. Google also gets high marks for its stellar reputation, ranking 23rd on Forbes list of the world’s most reputable companies. Google is known for its mind-blowing innovations with products like the self-driving car, Google TV, and Google Glass.

Its brilliant additions often take ordinary programs to a whole like level, like street view in Google Maps and Google Replay as a way to track trending social media. With employees devoting 20 percent of their time to open-ended side products, this company promises to come up with many more tech inventions in the future.

Equip your office with products and services from these top companies and you’ll have some of the best tech available on the market. These leaders in innovation will also keep you ahead of the trends and give you exciting new options in everything from computer screens to Internet access

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