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Home Security in 2014: Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe

by TedLevin (writer), , February 26, 2014

The news these days is full of break ins and violent crimes. How can you keep your home and family safe this year?

With reports on neighborhood crime and community violence, it can feel like you need to hire the National Guard to stand outside your house in a human fence. But since your neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate your keeping a tank in the front yard, here are five smart security tips to keep your home safe and burglars out.

1. Build a Perimeter of Defense

Securing your home is both an interior and exterior concern. Starting out the outside, it is important to establish a secure perimeter. You can build this by making your home less appealing to potential burglars.

Signs like, “Beware of dog,” can help to dissuade intruders. But physical barriers are also helpful. Planting thorny bushes like roses or bougainvillea against a fence can discourage thieves from hopping the fence. Tips like these can allow for a charming but secretly defensive home exterior.

2. Light It Up

Well lit exteriors help to make your home inviting to everyone except predators. Some of the most important areas to light when you are not at home or asleep for the night include:

  • walkways
  • stairwells
  • paths
  • doors
  • porches and decks
  • You can purchase small solar garden lights to line your pathways and porch steps. Inside your house, use low floor lights to save energy while providing the appearance that your home is lived in and not welcoming to intruders.

    3. Be Unpredictable

    Good thieves case neighborhoods looking for patterns and times that you are usually out of the house. The middle of the day when children are in school and parents are away at work is the preferred time to stage a break in.

    Do what you can to mix up your routine. This can be accomplished with home monitoring apps which turn on lights or sprinklers at random times to help break up the predictable routine you may have established and throw a curveball to potential thieves.

    4. Disguise Your Valuables

    Keeping your valuables in a small safe is a common way to protect them. However, thieves often search for safes and simply take the whole box instead of trying to crack them. A smart way to keep your belongings safe is with fake safes. These are disguised boxes which will not be recognized as treasure boxes. One such model is a clever box which fits inside a wall and looks like a electrical outlet on the outside.

    5. Security Systems

    Along with all of these safeguards, homeowners should also find an effective home security system. Advanced technology has enabled greater surveillance than ever before, and homeowners can even keep an eye on their houses virtually with the security website or app. Some systems allow you to turn off lights or lock doors remotely. Others have sight and sound human recognition to let you see who comes to your door.

    These five tips can help secure your home and keep your family safe.

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