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Cost Of Living In Thailand

by Mike Santos (writer), Bangkok, Thailand, February 28, 2014

I moved to Thailand from the UK a few years ago, and I still think it's one of the best decisions of my life. A couple of friends have also ended up moving here after visiting a few times.

It really is a great country and well worth considering as a future home. This is my first post here, so in this one I'll cover the cost of living in Thailand. I have lots planned for future posts, but am also happy to answer reader questions.

So how much does it cost to live in Thailand? The easy answer is that it can range from $500 a month to $10,000 a month or more depending on your lifestyle, whether you have children, where you choose to live, etc. So in this post I'll cover the costs of living as a couple. So if you're single it may cost you a little less. If you have children it could cost a lot more.

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation is one of the main costs for most people, and what you pay can vary significantly. As far as renting goes, it will cost you around £500 ($800) for a decent 50 sqm 1-bed apartment in central Bangkok. You could also pay up to around £1,000 ($1,600) for a really swish place. For a smaller place near the end of the skytrain you could pay as little as £200 ($300), and half that if you're further out. An hour from Bangkok would get you a 3-bed house for £100 ($160) a month. But then you'd need to figure in the cost of a car or motorbike to get around. In smaller cities you would pay even less. So as you can see, prices vary significantly.

Food Costs

The cost of food is probably the second biggest expense, and this is also something that can vary widely. In Bangkok you can get lunch at a street stall for well under £1, so eating lunch out every day could cost as little as maybe £20-£25 ($35-40) per month. Shop at the local markets and you'll find that fruit and vegetables are incredibly cheap. Shopping at supermarkets will be more expensive, and buying imported food will be very expensive. It really comes down to whether you eat local food or stick to food from your home country. Eating like a local is cheap, while eating only imported foods will be much more expensive than back home. Many brand name foods that are imported from the UK are 2-4 times more expensive in Thailand.

Travel Costs

If you use public transport you'll find costs very low compared to UK or USA. A 100-mile train journey will typically cost around £2 ($3). A few stops on Bangkok's skytrain or underground will be around 50p (80 cents). Local buses cost next to nothing. Even taxis around Bangkok rarely cost more than £2 ($3). But buy a car in Thailand and you'll find that it's actually more expensive here than back home. Buying a local motorbike is very cheap though and great for getting around.

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