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Foods that can kill your sex drive

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Each day, there are different challenges we are faced with in our relationships. These arise due to a number of reasons including financial problems, relationship difficulties, diseases and....

Importance of sex drive

Each day, there are different challenges we are faced with in our relationships. These arise due to a number of reasons including financial problems, relationship difficulties, diseases, and work-related stress among others. While sex is important in a healthy relationship, some of these challenges steal our desires for it. It makes the whole partnership unworthy in the end. It is through sex that a relationship becomes stronger and more intimate. In other words, sex drive is the fundamental foundation on which partnerships and marriages are built. Without it, couples will experience lots of difficulties along the way.

Foods to avoid for better sex

What you eat not only plays a major role on your overall wellbeing, but also when it comes to bed issues. It’s shocking news to some who aren’t aware that what they eat for dinner determines their sex drives overnight. Whereas not many food types can negatively affect your sex drive, here are some that can make you say, ‘I am not in the right mood tonight’ including:

1.Gin and tonic

This cocktail can put your bed affairs aside and sour the relationship with your partner. According to studies, gin is believed to lower sex drive while taken in large quantities. Additionally, tonic which is part of the cocktail has water flavored with quinine. According to several studies, quinine lowers testosterone levels in a man. It is recommendable to avoid gin and tonic cocktails while on a date with a partner if sex is part of the menu.


In reference to a publication in the journal Human Reproduction, soy can lower a man’s sperm count. This was from a study which concluded that if you take 120 mg of soy a day, your testosterone hormone levels will eventually decrease. In 1829, Dr. Graham came up with Dr. Graham’s Honey Biskets containing soya as an effort to lower carnal desires that eventually led to masturbation. However, there lacked any scientific proof to support it but he had some leads. This calls for a gradual reduction or total deletion of soy from your diet if you are planning to father a kid any time soon.


This is a legume plant native to southern Europe and some parts of Asia. It’s from which some sweet flavors are extracted. Its sweetness is unique in that it is instant and lasts up to 50 times that of natural sugar. Nearly a third of licorice product sales go to the tobacco industry. It is also available in different candies, wines, and sweets. If taken in large quantities, licorice can lead to hormonal imbalances in both males and females. These in turn will negatively affect the sex drive.


This is a meat product obtained from a pig. The meat is first treated using large quantities of salt either soaked in water or in a dry pack. In the US, most bacon is prepared from the pork belly. It can be served as boiled, fried, roasted, baked, or grilled. Bacon is rich in both saturated fats and cholesterol renowned to congest blood vessels. Initially, it clogs penal and vaginal arteries since they are smaller compared to others in the human body. This means there are blood flow obstructions for achieving and maintaining a rigid erection firm enough for sexual engagement. If you are planning on a romantic holiday with your partner, let’s bacon be out of the meal if sex is part of the plan.

5.Processed baked goods

Processed baked goods are readily available in almost every food store.You probably have one in your fridge or on your desk. Most of processed baked products contain refined carbohydrates. Others contain high sugar content whose consumption can lead to weight gain. Studies have shown that refined carbohydrates can lower testosterone levels in males. Additionally, too much sugar in such foods can increase the levels of estrogen and fully exhaust testosterone levels. This can wreak havoc during sexual engagements. It’s even difficult to figure out if you will be in a position to get your Jonny up and moving. If you decide to take some processed baked foods, check the label first to see their sugars and carbs content—if the manufacturer is trustworthy.


Not everything that you put down your throat will go well when you are between the sheets. Equipped with the information provided, you should aim to keep off from such foods whenever you go the romantic way. There are several other alternative foods you can substitute your favorite if it happens to be in the list. Else, you can cut it down or take the risk of frustrating your partner. You too can suffer the same disappointment if despite of being aware, you opt to stick with these types of food. If there are no improvements even after you avoid them, remember there could be other underlying causes. Seek professional help.

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