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Britney - To Make New Album

by Gad@er (writer), United Kingdom, June 25, 2007


Britney Spears has been in the public eye ever since she recordered her first hit single ' one more time'. As we all know she completley advanced that by 20 hits, including 'Oops...I did it again' 'Slave 4 U' and 'Toxic'.

By doing this Britney made 5 albums: ' one more time' 'Oops...I did it again' 'Britney' 'In the zone' and 'The greatest hits: My preogative'. All in the years 1999-2004.

After her huge succsess in music it lead her to new doors like having her own movie in 2002 'Crossroads' and appering on comedy shows like 'Saturday night live'.

But after all the money and fame, theese days Britney has had alot of bad screw ups dew to bad desisions, partying and attitude.

She married during her time gone to a back-dancer Kevin Federline, which she devorced in 06. She also gave birth to 2 boys. Also Earlier this year she partied with heiress Paris Hilton and shaved her hair off on naitinol TV. Soon after, she went to a rehab clinic! Now though 2007, apparently Britney's changing her ways. Putting the past behind her, Britney has started on her unnamed album. Surpossed to realised this Summer turns to next year 08.

The album has a funky-urban beat with great songs and beats. Great tracks include 'Mona lisa' 'Get it' 'Chaotic' and 'When we kiss'. It's a great change from what we are used to. It's fun, sad and can be even sexy.

The album name is still unknown but some websites have pictured the cover (shown) and have said its the new cover!
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