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Commonly Outsourced Jobs From Small-Scale Companies

by Abergele Jones (writer), , February 24, 2014

A common misconception new entrepreneurs have is that they think they can and should do everything themselves.

No doubt there are people who can handle all the tasks of their business on their own, but sometimes it can be more efficient and practical passing the work to someone else. In many occasions, outsourcing work can save business owners a lot of time, money and effort. This time can be used to do something more productive and relevant while the money you save can be invested in other things that can potentially make your business grow. This is why outsourcing has become a common option for companies and entrepreneurs. In recent years though, some jobs and services have been more commonly outsourced than others.

IT Jobs and Support

Information and Technology jobs are some of the most popular jobs/services small businesses and companies outsource. Ideally, only larger companies need their own IT departments unless their business is directly related to computers or technology. For businesses that aren’t, having in-house IT specialists are a luxury and not a necessity. Often times it is much cheaper to hire IT specialists on a contractual basis to update maintain and repair your company’s network and computer system rather than having to hire full-time employees and purchase your own equipment.

Secretarial Jobs

More and more professionals have been employing ‘virtual’ secretaries instead of hiring personal ones. Hiring a personal secretary to help you keep track of daily schedule and help you with your day-to-day needs is great – if you can afford it. Most people can’t afford to pay someone else full-time but badly need help in managing their professional lives. Hiring someone overseas to keep track of your everyday tasks, emails and calls has become a much cheaper option and thus expanding this service to more than the just elite and rich.

Document Filing and Storage

Keeping track of all business records can be tedious and extremely time consuming. Most of the time, companies need to hire extra manpower specifically for these jobs. There are now companies who specialize in Records management and document storage. These services have become extremely popular especially for small-scale businesses and business owners who do not have the time and extra manpower to file, keep and eventually destroy their own company records.

Graphic Design and Writing Services

Most companies and businesses have to deal with graphic design and formulate written content at some point or another. It is neither necessary nor practical to hire full-time employees to do these jobs especially if your business is not directly related to the industry. Outsourcing your graphic design and writing needs to contractors or other companies who specialize in them is the much wiser option.


Employing your own company security can be quite tedious. You would need to have all your guards, licensed and trained as well as handle the insurance yourself. If you only need a couple of security officers then it is definitely not worth the trouble. Many companies prefer to hire security guards from private companies. This way they have less to worry about and many times the security guards they hire are more competent than if they were to employ them themselves because of all the adequate training already provided to them.

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