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Sunday School - Be a volunteer!

by kpbell3 (writer), Jefferson, June 25, 2007

As head of Education at the Methodist church that I attend and the one in charge of scheduling substitutes for the youth Sunday School teachers, I often hear the comment, “I can’t teach Sunday School. I wouldn’t be good at it.” Unfortunately, so many people are under the assumption that they have to have an education degree or teach public school to do a “good job.” It is just simply not the case. If you have a love of children and a basic knowledge of the Bible, you can do a great job! When I first began teaching Sunday School to the “under-6” set, I learned a lot just by preparing and studying their lessons each week.

There are several things to consider when leading children’s Sunday School; things that will make you feel more at ease and give the children an opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment.

DO THE LESSON YOURSELF – How hard was the story? Could you follow it easily? Were the crafts for that lesson too hard? Could little hands handle it easily? If something is confusing to you, chances are it will be to the children as well. Reword the story or make adaptations to the crafts for the lesson.

GO OUTSIDE – My children are constantly distracted when it is sunny outside, so we sometimes go outside and have our lesson under a tree. What if they are distracted by the rain? Turn off the lights, grab some flashlights and huddle in the corner telling Bible stories. Anything environmentally different is sure to capture and, more importantly, keep their attention!

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? – Use examples in the children’s Bible stories to which they can relate. Some examples could include anything from not taking a toy that belongs to another child to helping out a neighbor who might not be feeling well. Children understand things that are concrete so much easier than abstract ideas, which can be difficult even for adults.

STIMULATION – Utilize televisions and CD players if your church has them. My children’s Sunday School curriculum uses televised lessons (rather than one in “comic book” form) and they enjoy them so much! Playing games, singing, dancing – they all make Sunday School time more fun for the little ones; it makes them excited to come every week.

GO DOWN THE BUNNY TRAIL – Don’t be afraid to steer off course from time to time. There have been instances where we have started out talking about Noah’s Ark, for example, and end up talking about why someone’s best friend didn’t come to their birthday party. It is just another opportunity to weave some scripture and guidance into the discussion.

USE YOUR BIBLE – Hold your Bible. Read from it and use it. Encourage the children to bring theirs every week. Have them memorize simple scriptures. Teach them how to take care of it. Be an example to the children. Look things up if you don’t understand or if they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to.

PRAY – Pray constantly. Pray for the children and let the children pray. There is nothing more beautiful to my ears than hearing children talk to God. Some may pray for candy, others may pray for a toy, but sometimes the children surprise me and pray even more eloquently than I ever could.

Don’t be afraid to volunteer to help with Sunday School or anything at church that involves children. You could bless the life of a child or, more importantly, they could end up blessing yours.

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