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Online Wholesale Jewelry Procurement Guidelines: Start Saving

by chrisezine (writer), La Quinta, CA 92248, February 24, 2014

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Jewelry is one of the most precious stuffs in the world.

Made using some of the rarest and most desirable natural resources, it is also crafted by the expert hands of jewelers. Given the sheer effort of creating a piece, it can command quite a price tag in the open market. Of course, people are always on the hunt for the most affordable prices, and these luxury items are not an exception. The cheapest forms of jewelry are the ones sold wholesale. Where should you look for wholesale jewelry and how can you buy them?

Why is buying wholesale considered a great option? Probably the answer is due to its low costs. If you have even the least information of marketing, you’ll know that with each passing tier in the supply chain, the price goes up in increments. Of course, this is in order for each tier in the supply chain to make some form of profit. The best way to reduce prices, conceivably, is to reduce the number of tiers in the supply chain. That means getting your supply directly from the wholesaler. And this concept is not really all that new, with anyone ranging from simple consumers to jewelry shop owners buying from wholesalers for the longest time.

And now, because of the tough down-turn economic times, more people started to find solutions for money-saving and cheaper substitutes or better procurement sources. It turned out to be the rescues are the growing numbers of wholesale jewelry shops online. How can you find the Jewelry shop where you’ll feel comfortable in making a deal? The following suggestions and tips should be considered for any wholesale procurement moves.

• Look for wholesale Jewelry stores both online and offline - Because of the increasing demand for jewelry sold wholesale, stores that specialize in exactly that are emerging. There are shops that have a physical venue where you can check out their stock and there are also online-based stores where you can make your shopping via the internet. Also some wholesalers have both a physical store and a business page selling online. So checking both existences for better offers should be a good choice.

• Check the legitimacy of the store and its Jewelry products - One of the scariest things in the world is buying something for its original price only to find out it is not worthy or conned in a special situation. Thus, you need to carry out a thorough investigation in order to avoid such a case. You can take a look at the pictures of their products. If you have sufficient knowledge on the specific business, then you can evaluate its legitimacy (or lack of it). If you can’t, you can always ask someone who does the similar inquiries and make your own research. Also, check out if the company/ business have a positive reputation or if they have bad reviews online from previous buyers and clients.

• Check out the buying details - Wholesalers employ different ways of selling their products. Some sell items at a fixed price, while others utilize bidding for sales where prospective buyers can name their prices. Some allow you to check out the gems personally while others ship it to you once you complete the purchase. Some wholesalers also enforce a minimum amount of jewelry to purchase to complete transactions. Note all these when finding a jewelry shop or supplier that suits your needs.

Buying wholesale fashion jewelry is more than doable even by the average person with the above guides and instructions. So follow these tips and you can get your preferred jewelries at the lowest prices and start making profits at ease.

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