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How to Talk to Friends & Family About Plastic Surgery

by djbkk (writer), San Francisco, March 01, 2014

For some time now, you've been seriously considering plastic surgery. You have done the research on a particular surgery and made the decision that you're going to have the procedure done.

However, telling your family members and friends is frightening you. What are some tips to keep in mind to make this conversation easier?

Educate Yourself

When you talk to your loved ones about the surgery you are going to have, they are probably going to express some concerns. In fact, they might even provide you with statistics about how dangerous the surgery is supposed to be. If you prepare yourself for these types of questions, then you will not feel so attacked. Look into the statistics, so you can let concerned parties know that the surgery is not as dangerous as they think it can be. Show that you are educated and knowledgeable about this particular procedure.

Explain The Conversation with Your Doctor

If you are serious about having plastic surgery, you should have already spoken with your doctor. In the event that you have not, now is the time to do so. While you should not have to regurgitate every private detail of your meeting with your doctor, shedding some insight into what he or she said can help to alleviate the fears of your loved ones. When you are able to tell them that the doctor said the surgery was okay and did not pose serious threats to your health, they can have their fears calmed as well.

Give Them Valid Reasons

Of course, everyone has different reasons for getting plastic surgery, and everyone has a different definition of "valid." Whatever your reasons are, you want to explain them in a real way that makes sense to your family members and friends. For example, maybe you want to have work done on your nose because it has always been a major source of discomfort for you. Explain that this issue has caused you to have a major lack of self-confidence and that you know this is what it will take to bring that energy in you to life.

Show Your Smarts

Some people will become concerned with your plastic surgery, especially if you want to have it done for purely aesthetic reasons. They might think that you assume a physical fix will make everything better with you. Assure them that you do have confidence; you just need a little extra boost. Let them know that you are well-aware surgery cannot change everything about you and that you may have some work to do on the inside of yourself as well.

Watch The Offensive

When you have this conversation with your loved ones, you might be tempted to go in on the offensive. You may assume that they are going to harshly judge you and to seriously criticize the road you have chosen to take. In fact, you might end up being surprised. Additionally, over-defending your choice might not come off that well either. Your loved ones might think that you are not fully confident in the decision you are making and further question your choices.

The decision to get plastic surgery done is not one that you should take lightly. Once you have made the choice for yourself, these tips will make conversations with family members and friends easier.

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