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Why social activities are important for kids?

by dollieandme (writer), Lancaster, February 13, 2014

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Social activities are extremely important for a child’s development. This is why the interaction a child has on the playground, or at school, plays such a crucial role.

Why social activities are important for kids to improve self-expression

When a child’s social, behavioral and emotional health is positive, she is always able to express herself creatively. Parents, teachers and other adults in a child’s life play a vital role when it comes to helping kids cope with their feelings and this can be done by channeling kids’ self-expression into avenues that are healthy and positive. There are many forms of self-expression including dance, art and creative playing.

Apart from encouraging kids to express themselves freely on the home front, they also need to be exposed to social situations to be able to adjust to interacting with others as well as communicate with others. Playschool and playgrounds are important tools to help kids improve self-expression as well as boost their confidence.

How social activities help kids improve self-expression

Social activities are extremely important for a child’s development. This is why the interaction a child has on the playground, or at school, plays such a crucial role. These places are not only for fun and play but for developing a child’s social skills, self-esteem and character.
Here are a few points that show why social activities are important for the improvement of kids’ self-expression:

  • In social situations, kids learn how to interact, not only with other kids but also with adults.
  • Social activities like games on the playground allow kids to understand how they like to be treated and how they should treat others.
  • They learn to express their feelings; for example, if they are shoved by another child at the playground, they voice out their feelings, telling the other kid that it was not a nice thing to do.
  • They also see and hear how other children interact with others and this helps them understand how to socialize with different personalities and accept others for who they are.

How self-expression can be promoted at home

The following are ways that parents can encourage and improve their child’s self-expression at home:

  • Activities that kids are interested in should be given more importance than those that parents prefer.
  • Kids should be given different materials apart from toys so that they can find out what makes them truly express themselves the best. Paper, crayons, paint, LEGO blocks, etc. are all important tools that can help improve self-expression in a child.
  • Children should be left to choose their own methods of self-expression. Parents should not judge them whether they like to sing, dance or create little dramas. Every form of self-expression that a child shows should always be given positive reinforcement.
  • Every bit of effort and energy that a child puts into a creative enterprise should be appreciated and lauded to provide encouragement.
  • Parents should take part in creative play especially when kids ask them to. This is a way to be a part of their world. It is also a way for parents to show their kids that they enjoy the creativity that goes into the activities a child takes part in and the way that their child expresses herself.

It is not only in social arenas that children learn to express themselves and improve self-expression. It is equally important to be supportive at home and take part in a child’s imagination to ensure that they are always able to express themselves the way they want to. This is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and they will be better for it!

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