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The Courts Working Hard to Keep Crime High

by freestrike (writer), Houston, June 24, 2007

Thank god we have the police to protect us here in Houston. If you call sitting on the side of the road with your thumb up your butt protecting us. Like Officer Jung Kim of HPD. Back in March of 2006 he caught me changing lanes without signaling and speeding. As you may know you get fined more depending on how fast you're going. Officer Kim just happened to make my ticket for 1 mile above a new level of fine. He was obviously behind on his quota for the day and trying to squeeze every nickel he could out of me. Now I was speeding but I was not going as fast as he said I was. So I requested a trial.
The trial was set for six months later! Of course the city gives you no reminder when the trial is coming up. Believe it or not I was unable to remember the exact date of the trial and missed it. Then another 6 months later I get a notice that I have a warrant for my arrest and a new fine for failing to appear.
This is a great racket the city has going. You either pay a huge fine or you request a trial which they set so far away they know most people will forget and not show up. Then they got you for another charge.
So after that you're pretty much screwed. If you actually go through with the trial you have to wait around all day long and even then may have to come back another day. Mean while you're losing money not working. Even if you win the trial you lose so much money for not being able to work there really is no choice. With lawyers fees I ended up paying $600 for not signaling and driving a mustang past a speed trap.
I'm not saying the police shouldn't pull over speeders, but it seems to me there are other crimes they could devote their time too. Instead of spending more time to solve murders and violent crimes the police devotes resources to raiding strip clubs and handing out tickets like candy. Somehow they still have the audacity to say they need more tax dollars to hire more cops. Like we're in such need of more speed traps.
This is not the way to improve our society. When I left traffic court I was absolutely furious. I now understand why our society is so angry. The city goes out of its way to make us that way. If we truly want a safer society we should get rid of politicians like Mayor White and only elect officials who will ensure that the police do their job and protect us from real crimes.

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By Geddy on June 30, 2007 at 04:33 pm
I hear what you're saying, read my story and you might just wanna start mailing in the money the day you get the ticket...doesn't really matter if you're guilty or not.
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