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The Best Android Phones of the Year 2014

by Rayner (writer), , February 08, 2014

Mobile landscape has been covered by the Android powered Smartphone’s and these phones have been standing above the crowd from a very long period of time.

Mobile landscape has been covered by the Android powered Smartphone’s and these phones have been standing above the crowd from a very long period of time. In the year 2013 the Smartphone makers stepped up their game for many good reasons. Now the market has been flooding with various Android devices and picking the best device has become a tough call for the users. The devices manufactures are trying to set part their models to create the difference in the market.

Phone makers are trying to experiment by sticking the button at the back, by pushing the screen size past six inches and by making their phone water resistant. Phones have been coming up with incredible cameras and the devices have also been stuffed with many more features.Some of the popular Android phones of the year 2014 are:

HTC One: One of the finest pieces of Android hardware is HTC one. It has aluminium and polycarbonate design which comes with classy and elegant look. The phone is quite durable and strong that puts all the plastic Smartphone’s to shame.Single block of aluminium has created the phone and it has incredible software features. The stunning results in terms of images can be availed with ultra pixel camera.

LG Nexus 5: Nexus has been offering the designs that are highly coveted by the Tech Geeks. It has access to quite frequent system updates and user interface. Nexus 5 gets a leg up in the competition with its amazing features. However the LG sourced hardware is not one of the best in the competition.The Snapdragon quad core processor is amongst the fastest processors available in the market.

Motorola Moto X: Moto X has got something amazing from Motorola where in consumers can design it on their own with the help of an amazing online tool named as Moto maker. This is assembled in the US for booting and it has been never done before. It offers the freedom to the consumers to choose from the 2,000 colour combinations which are a feature that is not offered by any other phone. Moto X also has a software customisation feature that is not available with many other devices. Ongoing alerts are offered in the phone without draining off the battery of the phone. It has touch less control functions that allow the users to wake up the MotoX from sleep and helps in issuing the anytime command.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Galaxy Note 3 is the best phone offered by the Samsung and has turned out to be the best effort phone from the Samsung so far. The footprint of the device is reduced by Samsung while increasing the size of the screen to 5.7 inches. The phone has also been made thinner, classier and lighter than ever before. The hardware and software of the phone are equally impressive. Two apps can be run at the same time in the large screen of the phone and an incredible range of input options are opened by S pen. Samsung Galaxy S4 is another amazing phone in this series.

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