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Summertime And The Living Music

by RLSegarra (writer), Los Angeles, June 24, 2007

"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."...Aldus Huxley

Summertime, summer concerts, clubs, music festivals encompassing the whole globe, Bonnaroo just finished up, Global Gathering on the way, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury is on right now, who is going to Ozzfest and who will make it to the Warped tour?

No matter where we are or what we are doing, no matter what road life has pushed us down, weather we are happier than we ever been or lower than we ever thought possible, music is there. It comes exploding with energy that makes us jump and dance and sing with joy or the words and the music from a song that touches us and wraps around our hearts and keeps the beat with each tear that falls and embraces us when their is no one else to hold us.

Who amongst us doesn't have a song that reminds them of that certain summer, that special person, that time, that moment. How many times have you heard, "This is our song." Someone proclaiming this is my favorite song or that song is my life put to music. Music entwined like a vine that grows around the tree, it wraps itself in those moments of our lives, both good and bad. That song played the night the person I loved told me it was over, that band played at a concert at the worst day of my life, I hate that song, it was playing in the background when I saw the person I loved with someone else. For me personally, though I know his music is wonderful, Dave Matthews will forever remind me of loss, sadness and hurt. We dress for the music, from cowboy hats and boots to tight jeans, baggy jeans, short skirts, leather, chains, dreads and mohawks. Music, it becomes a part of our life a few notes played and it can either make us smile or bring the tears to our eyes. It is rebellion, a revolution being called, it is in your face politics, it is what is going on now, it is the worst of us and the best.

This summer is full of great concerts, major bands hitting the tour trail. I have purchased my tickets and I am ready for my favorites. I am also ready to see as many new and up and coming artist as I can. This summer is full of excitement, up and down the strip, all over Hollywood and the whole L.A. area, in clubs, coffee shops and other venues, music will be played and dues will be paid by many talented musicians.

Did I say just talented? How about smart, dynamic, intelligent, creative musicians that are using the internet to form mega fan bases and sending out street teams to get the word out about their music. What is so incredible about this is it is the street team leaders and the fans that do the promoting, selling and merchandising. They do it out of love and respect for the band they represent. That kind of loyalty money could never buy.

The Key Club in Hollywood along with other clubs and venues that will showcase various talented musicians, will be a staple on my calender this summer. The incredible bands they have and will have playing are a must see for any music lover. Steady Ground, Bangkok 5, not to mention the debut performance of Shaolin Temple Of Boom (S.T.O.B.). This is a get up and purchase the tickets and see this band. Be a part of the first live performance of a group of musicians put together by David Alvarez. Promoted via the internet with incredible enthusiasm and passion, his street teams are just about all over the world. it is this fan base that through their constant requests has put his music on the radio. The loyalty of S.T.O.B. fans to this band is only matched by his loyalty to them. He has not only opened up the world of his music to them he has also opened up the world of art belonging to him and his fans and fellow musicians so that together they can share, appreciate and showcase their talent. David Alvarez along with the musically gifted guitar player John Carek, Gary Demas, Bass, Matt Herbst, Keys, Gustavo Arimo, Drums, are ready to take the world on and turn the music industry upside down and inside out. Be a part of their first performance at The Key Club on September 8th.

Be a part of all the bands, singers and performers this summer. Remember they give us our memories while their giving us a piece of their soul. Let's give them our best, our money, our support so they can continue to create and bring music to this world. Los Angeles is host to many different musicians, get up, go out, see them, enjoy them, support them.

'Music is a moral law, it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and gaiety to life and to everything"....Plato

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