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Now Christmas is Over, Let's Address those Health Concerns.

by Liam Williams (writer), London, February 09, 2014

During the busy Christmas period, no one wants to be feeling ill and people often have a “grin and bear it” mentality.

The peak festive season means that family comes first, often looking after their own well-being is at the back of people’s minds. Well, Christmas was a month ago now, have you really addressed those health concerns?

With all those distracting festivities, it is a forgiven sin to put off going to the doctor or pharmacy for the medicine you need. Why think about that tickly cough when you could be concentrating on tinsel?

If there are health issues that are still troubling you, it is imperative that they are not ignored. Long term symptoms can be an indicator of something more serious and should always be addressed by a health professional. Get in contact with your doctor by making the call today.

If there is a problem with your health, early detection is often key. By attending regular check-ups with your local GP, as a patient it makes you feel more at ease with them, and they can keep an eye on any health changes or new symptoms that have occurred.

Professor Keith Willet, the national clinical director of acute care for NHS England, commented; “My message is simple – look after yourself and others this Christmas. If you, a friend or relative does feel unwell over the holiday, do not soldier on to the New Year but seek advice.”

Easier said than done, but try not to feel embarrassed, and don’t use the time of year as an excuse. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to health, and it is unlikely that you are have an issue that the doctor has never seen before. Just make an appointment and go.

Soldiering On

A lot of families, especially those with children, have a high tolerance for debilitating symptoms. They do not want to cause a fuss, or leave for an appointment and ruin the kids’ Christmas. Having too much to do, and not wanting to worry family over the holidays are other common justifications. Whilst these are noble features, if you have undiagnosed issues that are causing the symptoms, they could end up costing your health in the long term.

Professor Willet went on to mention the many diverse ways that patients are capable of getting advice from a health professional.

“The NHS is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year – you can go to the NHS Choices website for advice, or use your local pharmacy of call NHS 111.

If your symptoms don’t get better make an appointment to see your GP – remember there is always a GP on call out of hours covering your area and if necessary they can arrange for a hospital assessment.”

Whilst visiting the doctor is important, decent symptom control can be achieved with a visit to Rowland’s Pharmacy. Here, you can pick up any NHS or private prescription, and also load up with a range of high quality medicines that are guaranteed to have you feeling better in no time.

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