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My Full Disclosure

by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, June 23, 2007

It is because of my investigative nature that I research, interview, and make inquiries about some of the most controversial topics of our times. It is never my aim to mislead anyone as to the validity of information that is produced as a result of my research, but merely to inform and to further promote further investigation of various important subjects which have an effect on all of us and is systemic of our society at large. As noted in all of my articles I adamantly encourage further investigation on the part of my readers as I hold myself to their criticism and to the responsibility of the laws of the community at large. Allow me the privilege to thank all of my critics, those who have been bold enough to state their opinions concerning my small contributions to "BrooWaha" and who have given me a gage in which to measure my future research methods and published articles by.

In light of my disclosure I want it publicly known that any future subscriptions submitted by me should always be qualified for its verification yet further investigated by individual research. I feel this is honorable and honest as I encourage everyone to seek out the truth of every contention on the basis of there own study and research.

I accept all criticism from all who care to be objective about any of my chosen subject matters, and I do so with humility among graceful reflection of my material. However let us temper our discourse and disagreements when criticizing by simply stating your opinion and the facts as you have researched and maintain them. Because this is an open forum which is very much a public domain (the Internet) we should strive to consider it as a community of many available opinions, diverse thinkers who have a variety of concepts about every subject. Therefore I advocate an open yet exploratory mind which will allow for examination of all information gathered within this arena.

Most of my articles are strongly adversarial and controversial as many have stood on the grounds of pro or con on these issues. While research can be found somewhere on the internet pro or con of any subject and therefore proof can be claimed pro or con it is not possible to be correct on any topic 100% of the time (so that’s why we continue our research). I feel that the aim of a good writer is to express both sides of the topic (although I don’t do that all the time) this gives his opposition the opportunity to state his claims within your own written summation.

Regardless of my position on any subject in which I have posted, (Although I don’t advocate your adherence to any allegations or contentions which I have stated within these articles) I remain positive to each contention as it is my personal belief based on my research and the nature of responses I have accumulated among my investigative interviews and responses from so many. However because of the seriousness of my claims (in particular vitamin B17 the cure for cancer) I ask that all readers who have read this article on good faith and who except my contention to further investigate this information because there are two sides to every coin. There are some doctors who say that B17 is very helpful and possibly the cure for cancer and there are some who say otherwise. You as the reader should never accept a document, a news broadcast, or any media without great investigative research on an individual basis and without a measure of salt to boot.

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By Credo on January 17, 2008 at 11:29 am

Just though I'd clarify the previous article.

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