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Secret and Unusual Tricks for Losing Weight

by Susan Q (writer), East Village, New York, January 27, 2014

Losing weight and getting fit is on a lot of people’s minds after the over-indulging that comes with the Christmas period.

So, if you’re serious about seeing results and have a clear goal in mind, getting clued up with a few tricks of the trades from fitness experts can help optimise your results.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best secrets and unusual tricks for losing weight and helping you look – and feel – as great as possible.

- Drinking iced lemon water will help speed up your metabolism as well as boosting your immune system, making you feel healthier all round

- Eating a banana 15 minutes after a workout will be stored as glucose – and therefore will provide useful for energy later – not fat

- Taking a weight loss supplement from sites like can help optimise your results alongside a healthy lifestyle

- Adding spice to your meals; like chillies or Tabasco, will raise your body temperature and stimulate fat burning. Why not swap two meals a weak for a spicy curry?

- If you do drink alcohol, research which ones contain the least calories. As a rough guide, those which tend to be clearer in appearance (vodka, white wine etc) have fewer calories than darker spirits

- Chew sugar free gum to repress appetite and to keep your mind off food – particularly useful when sitting at your computer at work. It even burns a few calories, too

- Keep a food journal so that you are 100% aware of what you’re eating. That way you can look back at it and make changes accordingly

- Use smaller plates and smaller glasses to minimise your portion sizes and so that you drink less of those sinful drinks. Don’t feel the need to finish everything on your plate or in your glass if you are full, too

- Although protein is important, eat more vegetarian meals as they are often lower in fat and provide just as many (if not more) nutrients and vitamins. Substitute the meal with high protein snacks like nuts so that your body doesn’t miss out on the benefits of protein

- If you’re having a bad day, take a brisk, 15 minute walk. This will not only burn away lots of calories, but it will also boost your brain chemistry and release endorphins to make you feel less stressed and much happier

- Another cure for when you’re having a down day regarding your body is to skip the gym and get active outdoors. Instead of using the cross trainer, head to the local park where there are no mirrors, no people to compare yourself to – there’s just you and your goal

- Mix things up – don’t necessarily stick to the same routine week in week out as you may get bored easily and give up. Instead, stick to the same time you allocate for exercise so that your body is used to the routine of being active, regardless of the activity

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