Thursday, August 16, 2018

Engagement session with an Editorial Photography Twist!

The city of Toronto was recently a witness to an unusual engagement photography session in the posh corridors of the Trump hotel!

It was the celebratory commencement of Aashif and Farrah’s union. And the duo wanted it to be in same élan, the way they led their lives. When they skimmed through a bunch of photos for inspiration, they knew going the regular way wasn’t their cup of tea. The hunt started for some interesting places other than usual beaches, lakes and gardens. Aashif and Farrah had many shoots subsequently. From forests to factories to high-rise hotels, and event spaces reconfigured to speak of abstractness!

A little unsatisfied and simultaneously wanting a more chic streak to her engagement shoot, Farrah knew the twist to her engagement photo shoot would come by going a little out of the way! Creatively, tough! Farrah and Aashif hired an editorial photographer in Oshawa to give their pre-wedding photo shoot an editorial touch. Sounds quite but unusual but the results are all here to speak for themselves. The product has turned out more charming than expected. This remarkable engagement session had an editorial photography twist to its pre-nuptial flavor!

The venue befitting this editorial shoot was selected by Aashif and Farrah themselves. They chose the classy Trump hotel to be their ‘it’ destination for the editorial shoot, with perfect complement of right attire. The complete shoot just took off and landed with equal panache.

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Markus Staley is a photographer and photo editor operating out of the Greater Toronto Area. He specializes in wedding and art photography and is known for having a keen eye for detail, which he uses effectively in his photos to render them with a high aesthetic quality
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