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How Can YOU Save 3 Million Pets this Year?

by Carrie C. House (writer), Roswell, June 22, 2007


Cute little furballs...darking kittens attacking your feet like a game when you walk by...puppies chewing on every pair of shoes you try to hide. They are cute and adorable. And they are dying every day. How can you help save 3 million cats and dogs this year? By supporting Meals Fur Pets, a non-profit organization based in Cherokee County. MFP is committed to helping pet owners in need. Based off the Meals on Wheels program, MFP realized the need for these same people's PETS to be taken care of as well.

Their first ever Bark in the Park will be held in September at the Woodstock City Park. There will be dog contests and adoptions and most importantly, it all goes to this great cause. Please visit their website ( read on to how YOU can personally help save 3 million pets this year alone.

The Meals Fur Pets strategy to save the 3 Million pets
euthanized each year in the US is based on prevention and adoption. Shelters get in 6 + million pets every year.
They save… through adoption 3 million …and unfortunately euthanize the remaining 3 million pets.

MFP's approach is at the front end of the problem versus the back end of the problem -- Preventing pets going into the system in the first place. First and foremost in Prevention is via spay and neuter…. and now by feeding the pets of the 20% of Americans that make less than 20k per year of which 62% own pets. 12% are in poverty, below $ 14,200 per year in income. These are the pets that are at risk for being abandoned.

One could extrapolate that there are 7 to 9 Million pets in loving homes where the owners struggle financially to feed and to provide medical care for there family pets.
MFP want to keep those pets in those loving homes.
MFP needs YOUR help to do this by providing food, and medical assistance so the owners do not have to abandon them in the woods or to shelters.

Please contact Meals Fur Pets today and volunteer to drive food to local check points, raise awareness, work the fundraiser, come to local dog rescue takes all of us to make this happen for the cute little furry kittens and puppies...but YOU now have a organization to help YOU save THREE MILLION PETS this year!

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