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Wedges Wobble!

by Carrie C. House (writer), Roswell, June 22, 2007


I’m sure even if we don’t exactly recall playing with Weebles, the egg-shaped colorful toys along with their tree houses, etc. in our childhood…that it’s STILL hard to forget their jingle: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” The concept was genius – a toy that moved on its own, engaged the minds of children…but never fell over!! The same concept holds equally brilliant for women’s shoe manufactures. After years of battling cases from health junkies about the dangers of high heels and the other half of the public being the women that found it difficult to walk in them, much less worry about their varicose veins and bunions…a new type of shoe was just the answer.

One of the hottest trends this 2006 are Wedges…shoes for women that while they may still wobble getting used to the new height, they have a far less chance of actually falling down in them. These thick heels are stacked and solid, and usually made of out of layers of fabric, cork, or even some time of wood or rubber. These wedge-style shoes are actually tricking your feet – you’re heels are lifted to give you that elongated leg look that all women crave and you’ve definitely added a few inches to your height, but you’re heels are supported now with this wedge and your toes, well your toes are finally not crammed and being forced down to the ground by gravity any longer. On most shoes, the heel sits under only the heel of the foot, but a wedge heel runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front. Wedges also distribute the body's weight over the entire surface area of the sole, reducing the load on the feet.

As shoes offering the leg-lengthening effect of high heels without the pain, wedges are finding a new customer base with teenagers who want to stay in style but also with their mom’s who used to wear shoes like this back in the 80’s. Yes another fashion trend that has come back to tie generations together. This style of shoe certainly has its 1970’s historical ancestor the platform shoe to thank. But the difficulty today’s’ women find is that platform shoes are often chunky and while they don’t accessorize well with the chic looks of ruffled skirts or business suits, they are certainly not going to cut it in a professional working environment.

Wedges give every outfit a more feminine look for women that want both a little heel, a lot of comfort, and god forbid, some confidence as they walk that they won’t break their heel off, weeble, wobble, or fall down!

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