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Looking for a hard drive recovery company?

by Jason Hulott (writer), Westgate on Sea, UK, January 17, 2014

When it comes to computer disasters, few events can be worse than the unexpected loss of data on a hard drive. The hard drive is where all the important data is stored, whether photos, videos, invoice

When it comes to computer disasters, few events can be worse than the unexpected loss of data on a hard drive. The hard drive is where all the important data is stored, whether photos, videos, invoices, market research, documents, customer details or sales reports.

So when a hard drive packs in, it is easy to panic.

However, all is not lost. These days, specialists – as well as specialist software in some cases – are able to recover data that has been lost, even when the hard drive has been physically damaged or corrupted.

So how should you set about choosing hard drive recovery companies? Here are a few factors to consider.

Various recovery options

The first thing to do is decide upon the type of recovery that you need. If your hard drive is still in good working order, you may need nothing more than specialist recovery software. You may be able to download this directly online and simply follow the instructions to attempt to recover your files.

However, if your hard drive has sustained physical damage, you may need to send it to a specialist for a physical examination.

Free trial version

If you only require recovery software, is there a free trial version available? If so, you may be able to find out which files you can recover before you pay anything. If you then decide to recover the files, you can then make the decision to buy the software.

Data recovery from damaged hard drives

If your hard drive has been damaged, find a recovery company that recovers data from hard drives in any condition. This could include hard drives that have been dropped, corrupted or have sustained fire or water damage. You may even need to find a company that provides a custom service specific to your own requirements.

Ability to work with various brands

A good recovery company should be able to recover data from a wide range of hard drives. Try to find a company that provides services for all of the major brands, including Fujitsu, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, HP and more.

Make sure you find a company that provides recovery services for your brand of hard drive. Also, find out whether it is authorised by the manufacturer to recover from the hard drive without affecting the warranty.

Clear recovery process

A good company should be able to explain its recovery process to you clearly so that you know exactly what to expect. It may be worth asking about the process to find out how open they are with you. They will be dealing with potentially sensitive company data, so transparency is crucial.

The trust factor

If you have sensitive data stored on your hard drive, you will want to know that this is not going to get into the wrong hands. If it contains personal details of employees or customers, failure to secure this data could even lead to a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Finding a trustworthy company requires research. Look for a company that not only has extensive experience, but which also has good testimonials from previous customers, along with proven results.

Recover your data without panicking

Do not panic when something goes wrong with your hard drive. Losing important data can be stressful, but there is always a good chance that it can be recovered. Make sure that you use the above guidelines to choose a good recovery company backed up by experience and results, and there is a good chance that you will be able to recover the crucial data that you thought was lost.

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