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Why Motivation is required to Reach Your Goals

by NolanGrayson (writer), , January 16, 2014

Motivation is significant in just about all aspect of life and every activity that we take on. Without it we are fated to walk through life with a long list of half accomplished and beyond goals.

“Motivation” is a word commonly used. It is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Most often people associate motivation with something positive but, in fact, it does not always encompass positive emotions. Fear is an effective motivating factor for many people. Stress is an example of how negative emotions trigger undesirable results. Many people freeze, break down, or panic when they are stressed--thus demonstrating a negative response to the motivation. However, someone who works harder and smarter to overcome the stress uses positive actions in response to that negative motivation.

Motivation is important in just about every aspect of life and every activity that we take on, aside from sleeping and watching television all day. In day-to-day life, it is important that we always maintain a level of motivation that keeps us going.

  • Motivation provides a spark. Motivation starts with a tiny spark that lights the fire of inspiration and discovery. It gets things started. Without motivation, even the most mundane of activities become difficult and anything beyond that becomes nearly impossible. It is possible to light a fire without a match but it takes a lot of work, commitment, and the chances of giving up without succeeding are high. However, with a spark, you have a better chance of being successful. The same is true with the things you do in life. Motivation is the spark that gets you started.
  • Motivation acts like fuel. When a fire starts to burn low, you add more wood to it so it keeps burning. When the car is running low on gas you add more so it can keep moving. When you are running on empty and feel like giving up on that project, assignment, goal, or dream, motivation is what helps get you moving again. It is an extra shot of energy when you are running low. Motivation acts like the pit stop that tops you off and keeps you going until you hit your first goal. It makes it easier to get through some of the dry spells that often come with big projects or dreams. Many top inspirational speakers have discussed this point and think its good advice. It also speedup your drives to achieve the goals.
  • Motivation keeps the spirit warm. When the body gets cold, we seek sources of heat. When the mind is slow and sluggish we seek inspiration to awaken it once more. When the spirit is down we need motivation to get us back on our feet again. Life is hard and things do not always work out the way we want them to. Motivation is what keeps you going despite the problems, setbacks, mistakes, delays, and obstacles that may come your way. If you keep moving forward, maintain your motivation, lift your head high, and keep your eyes focused on the goal, nothing will hold you back for long.
  • Motivation can change. Like the dancing flames that change in height, color, and intensity, motivation can change. The motivation you have at the start of your journey may adjust and come from a slightly different place as you progress. Sometimes, the path changes as you go and your motivation will change its course, too, so that it lines up with where you are and where it is you want to be. Whatever the case may be, keeping and staying motivated is the key.
  • Motivation helps you stay satisfied. When you start off on a long journey, there will be times that you doubt, feel lost or alone, and there are moments when you will get tired. You’ll get burnt out and you may even become disappointed or disheartened with where your path currently leads. But, if your motivation is at the forefront of your mind and you reach down deep and find the will to keep going, it will end up being worth it in the end. Regardless of whether you are successful and accomplished what you wanted to, because you stay motivated, or decided to stop, you can be satisfied in knowing you did your best and stayed your course. Even if things do not always go as planned, staying motivated can help you see it through to the end--wherever the end might be.

Motivation is important in just about every aspect of life and every activity that we take on. In day-to-day life it is important that we always maintain the motivation that keeps us going. Without it we are doomed to walk through life with a long list of half completed and forgotten goals and dreams.

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