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Stop Dieting and Gain Control of Your Health

by TedLevin (writer), , January 14, 2014

In the 21st century, gaining control of your health is easier than ever.

With the thousands of diets, dieting pills, and quick weight loss tricks evident in society today, it’s difficult finding a proven path to a healthier you. Do you know the key to gaining control of your eating habits? Eliminate the word “diet” from your vocabulary completely and invest in preventive medicine.

Eating good and nutrient rich food isn’t simply a matter of dieting, but it involves an entire lifestyle change. Unfortunately due to the late 20th century’s shift in eating habits and the rise of processed foods, the majority of what people eat contains high sugar amounts, artificial and harmful ingredients that contribute to poor health.

Grocery Shopping in the 21st Century

The attractive foods at grocery stores tend to be carbohydrates. Diets, in the sense of our daily eating consumption, consist more so of carbs and high sugar foods than fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, and other natural unaltered foods. Due to the rise of processed and boxed foods, each parent is forced to take the extra time to read every detail on ingredient labels at stores. Over half of the ingredients on those labels aren’t comprehensible to the average person.

Fortunately, some of the major food companies have cut daily calorie numbers substantially in their products. Change comes slowly, but at least it’s coming.

Also, poorer families can only afford the cheaper processed foods at major grocery centers such as Walmart. Produce found in the organic section of the grocery store and at local farmers markets cost too much for a household earning barely enough income to cover rent, a mortgage, transportation, and the utility bill costs. How can these parents manage to feed their children good healthy foods without the financial means?

Despite the financial limitations of some families, there are steps each parent can take, no matter what their income, to teach their children about good eating habits and preventive medicine.

Educating People of All Ages

Throughout her husband’s two terms in The White House, Michelle Obama has taken a stance to improve the fight against childhood obesity, diabetes, and other health problems facing American children.

Parents are looking to find ways to educate themselves and their children through community gardens, joint cooking classes, and even cooking shows on television. Children who garden, grow their own produce, and cook are more likely to take an active interest on what goes into their body. They are more inclined to cook instead of ordering takeout food.

This type of focus represents a larger picture of the changing perspective on food, exercise, and overall health in the U.S. Rather than watch their employees fall victim to cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases, employers at the encouragement of the government, have begun to create company wellness programs. These programs entice employees to gain control of their health to prevent the development of life-shortening diseases.

Preventive medicine centers on simply preventing diseases and illnesses from occurring in the first place. This type of medicine concentrates on residual checkups with a consistent primary care provider while consulting with that doctor about the best exercise and eating habits.

Instead of choosing a doctor to solely treat the illness at that present moment, look to invest in preventive medicine. For example, comprehensive care from MDVIP provides individuals of all ages with the proven physicians to help gain control of their lives against unhealthy habits and debilitating diseases. Perhaps a direct primary care provider is the best fit for you. You could possibly save more on healthcare costs in the long run.

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