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Pay attention to the details while designing your home

by thermobw (writer), , January 11, 2014

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We take a lot of effort in decorating our houses, and for good reason.

We take a lot of effort in decorating our houses, and for good reason; it is after all the place we cherish most, our comfort and our refuge from the rest of the world and all its inadequacies. It makes a lot of sense then that we leave no stone unturned in furnishing our houses; we pay attention to every minute detail, the sofa, the dining table, the beds, the doors and the windows.

However, we still need some help with our endeavor, since though it is our aesthetic tastes that must go into the process of making a house a home, knowledge about the methods to go about doing so is still lacking. Take the case of windows for example, a vast majority of us would not even know the many varied kind of windows available in the market like awningwindows and bay windows and bow windows. Then there is also the aspect that you need to keep your house dynamic and flexible if you’re living in a place with dicey weather. For example, you’d want replacement windows in Toronto, but not necessarily in Kingston, Jamaica.

Of course, one may contend that this is exactly the reason why we employ interior designers and decorators who do the job for us; however, I still don’t understand how this should discount you from taking interest in your own home. All said and done, and irrespective of the wealth you possess, it is YOUR home and you need to live there, not the interior decorator. What cause withholds you then from gaining information about the things that are going into the process of building your home? If a window is being installed in your home, I’d consider it a minimum requirement to at least know the difference between a single hungwindow and single slider windows.

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