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Link Building - it's not just about SEO

There has always been a huge link between link building and SEO, to the point that most people think that you can't do one without the other. Which isn't strictly true.

There has always been a huge link between link building and SEO, to the point that most people think that you can't do one without the other. Now while in one case that is true - SEO can't really be done successfully without link building - you can link build successfully without the focus on SEO benefits.

Ideas for Link Building...Not just SEO

    ·Brand Promotion

    Writing and sharing relevant unique content on relevant third party industry sites, be they blogs, forums, article sections. Content could contain links to your site via brand links or links to your company social media accounts.

    ·Personal positioning in Industry

    Like above, but this time position yourself as an expert by sharing useful, unique content on relevant sites or within a specific industry where you want to become an expert. Link this to your personal social media accounts or website.

    ·Traffic Generation

    One thing a lot of people focus on with SEO and link building is pure link juice and they can miss out on good traffic sources because the site doesn't have the "right" PR or DA number.That said, these sites could be generating a lot of traffic that you could be directed to your site.

    It may be that these sites will “no follow” a link or hide it behind code so it does not pass SEO benefit.That doesn't mean it is worthless.The site could have lots of relevant industry traffic that would be ideal for your website.

    ·Banned Sites Benefits

    The site you might want a link from may have been penalised by Google itself but still may have a huge amount of natural traffic, normally you might stay way because of ranking damage, but you can still look to get some kind of link from these sites to drive some actual traffic.

So when looking at sources of traffic and you are looking for link opportunities, think wider than simple PR, DA or whether they will allow keyword links.Use link building as a traffic generation tool as well.

Separate link campaign?

It might even be worth splitting your link building activity into two separate campaigns, one for traffic and one for SEO purposes.You will know how to build links for SEO purposes - if not, speak to these guys EnduranceSEO.

If you are considering link building for traffic and don't want to damage you rankings, you might want to consider the way a site links to you.

You can ask for:

    ·No follow links

    ·Javascript OnClick

    ·Javascript OnEvent links

    ·Redirected links

In this way you are showing Google it is not about the SEO value but something else.Hopefully you will see that link building can be much more than trying to boost SEO value and it can be a real good way to diversify traffic referral streams.After all, the bottom line is relevant traffic. Does it really matter where it comes from?

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