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Where is the revolution?

by Meegsiller (writer), Piedmont Park, June 21, 2007


It seems that every electoral period gets more and more intense every time. I have personally seen some very dramatic political races in other latitudes and perhaps the latest here in the land of the free, but based in the current world order of ideas and conflicts, how this next presidential election in the US mean a real change for good or the fall of a nation.

More than a year before counting votes, damn it even before know who is actually going to represent each part of the population, we have them (candidates) biting their asses progressively in public debates, while the media (and I am guilty of charge) builds a gigantic circus around it, growing a huge morbid environment that by historical records we know that ends up getting nasty.

The amusing part in all this is that we don’t seem to fully understand what happens every four years or 2 or even every year, when it comes to elect those who are supposed to be our representatives based in our interests, instead of being against them, what after a while gets people tired of having a foot of “management malpractice” in their neck, and lead us to (in some cases) to get together and call for a revolution.

Ok, three paragraphs just written to remind myself about something as clear as 1+1=2. Now maybe it can sound to you like I am implying that is time for a revolution … well yes, it is, not only in my neighborhood or my city, state, country or the entire world damn it!. Perhaps we have to understand some things first, most of them are inside of ourselves, and to realize than not because you are able to read this publication through the internet in other the side of the world, that means that our differences or similarities are going to change. A complete paradox “we are all created the same” but we are no equal, we want to be, but after thinking twice we aren’t quite sure. That’s the reason why I think that when it comes to politics, fairy tales need not to apply.

So now going back to the revolution thing…let’s think about it as a process to change for better, and please don’t misunderstand my point of view with trying to compare it with the communist speeches of freaks like Hugo Chavez ( a personal foe ), Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Amin Dada, Aristide, Kim Jong Il, or any other of those populist thieves in the world’s history, what I am saying is that if we (now days generation) were smart enough to build a network to communicate instantly with the other side of the world, why can’t we make the same in our neighborhoods, cities and countries and make it all that what we really want it to be, with out having to wait for absurd vetoes when it comes to the real decision of the people. Of course we are going to disagree in many things, just like we always have, but I am sure the vast majority will agree in having water, food, shelter, having fun and being free. I can hardly imagine who would actually refuse to have all that.

I am certainly not the man of the answers in all this that I just shouted, I just brought it to the table because I see the way how things work around, how people is so desperate for changes, but I am also pissed because to many people seem to really do something about it. Some of us give up, some just don’t try harder.

The world isn’t going to change just by “going green”, there is got to be a way so that person that knocked on my door for support to run for the local office, do something real an important for my neighborhood with the money that I pay on taxes, same thing in the state and country. There is got be a way for billions of people to no starve, to be safe and free. I know there are ways for us to be seen, and head, but there are also ways to get involved…Is the revolution in you?

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