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How to Get Rid of that Last Speck of Mould in the Bathroom

by Liam Williams (writer), London, January 08, 2014

Finally, How to Get Rid of that Last Speck of Mould in the Bathroom.

No one likes mould. You notice it start creeping into your bathroom, tainting your once white tiles a disgusting black colour. It appears, a tiny dot one day and before you know it, the patch has spread. It looks ugly, like your house is rotting; it’s embarrassing when you have guests over. There is evidence to back up claims that mould can be a serious problem to your health.

If you want to fully remove your mould issue, there are simple steps that you can take to ensure that your house is completely clear of mould.

Do not think that you can just wipe away the mould, dry the area and forget about it. Mould has roots, especially if it has been there for a while. Whilst drying old areas can help to prevent mould, it does not help to remove it.

Mould just loves to collect in warm, humid environments, just like the atmosphere in your bathroom. Try not to worry, though. With a few steps and some Mouldcure from Shower Doctor, it is possible to really tackle the problem and see the back of your mouldy house for good.

Follow these steps to free your house of mould:

  1. Discover if there is any area of your house that is constantly damp or moist. This is a haven for mould growth, those nasty little spores just love warm, wet patches that appear in your house after a leak. Condensation is also a major cause of mould. You must try to control this issue to prevent new mould from reappearing after you have removed it. Keep an eye out on especially humid days for mould formations in key places, like window sills or in your bathroom.
  2. Create an airflow. Stagnant air can be a leading cause for mould. Not having a draft or fresh air can make it grow a lot faster. Always try and leave a window open or a fan on, after completing your treatment of a mould infested area.
  3. Investigate the whole area and make sure you have missed nothing. Remember to check and spray areas that are mostly hidden, because mould loves to thrive in the dark.
  4. Scrub the area with Mouldcure and leave it for at least an hour, but if you have serious mould than you should leave it on longer. The more time you give the Mouldcure to work, the better the results in the end.
  5. Completely dry the area off. After you have removed the Mouldcure, make sure that the area is bone dry and do not leave it damp. If you have missed any spores the damp area will become infested with them again and you will have wasted your time.
  6. Consider installing a dehumidifier or an air filter for your bathroom, especially if there is no window you can open. A good circulation of air can make a huge difference when it comes to mould, because it hates ventilation. This is an important factor in the battle against regrowth.
  7. Wash any clothes that you have been wearing and anything that is near the mouldy area. Cleanse everything to make sure that those pesky spores have not latched onto you.
  8. Wash your pets, as they will have come into contact with mould and are probably carrying it in their fur.

The equipment that you use to prevent the mould is just as important as the steps you take to treat it. A little known fact, one of the big contradictions in the industry is that bleach is a good weapon in the fight against that black filth. In fact, bleach does not kill mould. It can temporarily kill off the surface layer, which will return within a week or so. It will not get down to the root of the problem (or the root of the mould…), and is therefore a complete waste of time.

For years, chlorine, bleach and hydrogen peroxide have all been sold as the best solution for any mould problem. Many people still follow this advice, but it is a lie. You would be just as well using vinegar or baking soda, and for half of the price and a fraction of the chemicals. However, there is a solution out there and that is the Shower Doctor.

Mouldcare kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Although it works for everywhere in the house, it is especially effective in the shower room when used on grout or the shower curtain.

Customers say that they “couldn't believe the results” and “that stuff is amazing”. Don’t spend your time worrying about black mould and the health problems that it can cause, and make sure you never waste your time with chemical concoctions that just don’t work.

Purchase Mouldcure and give yourself piece of mind. Get rid of your mould and give yourself peace of mind!

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