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Books about Models and Nannies

by Ivana Poulova (writer), Los Angeles, June 21, 2007

I was desperately looking for a book in Czech. I was looking at ebay because you are supposed to get whatever you want there. I didn’t want whatever, certainly no classics. I know they are good – everybody says that. But at school they forced us to read those and I still can’t get over it. As I couldn’t seem to find anything, I lowered my requirements. The book can be in English, after all I’m not at home…, but it must be from a Czech author. Author like Iva Pekarkova. During my last days in my homeland I purchased one book by this female writer but I left it in New York and forgot the title. Well it was about America. Iva spent many years here and experienced jobs such as a social worker or a New York taxi driver. You can imagine what kind of (crazy) stories she was able to share in her book. I read this book in New York and she was so much right about this country. Every day I met a piece of her book, not just on a paper. As I have been searching the net (my favourite activity), I might buy another book by her – Gimme the Money, which is about her taxi driving job.

But what I found and decided to spend my precious money on, is a book by a Czech topmodel Petra Nemcova. She is the one who survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. She went there for a vacation with her boyfriend and photographer Simon Atlee. I can’t believe he didn’t make it! From the way how she writes about him in the book, and also from the pictures, you can see they had a beautiful relationship. Petra’s book “Love Always, Petra” is not limited just to fashion shows in Milan – Paris – New York, or all kinds of diets. She talks about her country, family, childhood, becoming a model, her relationships. It’s a book about Petra’s life, not just about the modeling. Interesting, honest, sweet. Certainly go for it.

I would like to end this article by mentioning one American book for a change. The Nanny Diaries by two former nannies Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus contains so much fun yet truth. Oh mu God! They refreshed the black nanny memories of mine. If you don’t believe them (or me), go to Manhattan and find yourself a nanny job in a rich family. My case was not that extreme but in the book the mommy is a typical beauty saloon and shop addict, daddy is a workoholic having an affair. Poor four-year-old Grayer obviously needs new parents, and Nanny is treated like she was somehow already in that appartment when the family moved in. You can’t put the book down because you wait for the moment when Mrs. X finally realizes she is the mommy and that Nanny is just a young woman with her own life and responsibilities, not some robot/slave owned by the X family.

I can’t tell you whether Mrs. X will magically turn into a loving and caring mother, and whether Nanny will find a job with better sallary and shorter working hours or whether she will quit smoking and drinking. But I can reveal that Scarlett Johansson will be the N/nanny in the upcoming movie.

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