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The Effects of Closed Head Injury

by djbkk (writer), San Francisco, January 03, 2014

Find out what you need to know about closed head injuries.

Brain injuries are classified in two ways, traumatic and non-traumatic. Traumatic brain injuries are further classified as open or closed head injuries. An individual suffers from a closed head injury when they have been in an accident and the brain is caused to bounce around inside of the skull if there was a blow to the head, or the onset of severe shaking that is usually present in an accident. In a closed head injury, there is tearing, stretching, or shearing of the individual’s brain tissue. This type of brain injury is more frequently suffered from, than open head injuries.

How severe the brain injury is can be ascertained with the classification from a doctor or healthcare specialist. They are normally classified as mild brain injuries, moderate brain injuries, or severe brain injuries. Knowing this classification can allow you to make the necessary decisions that are required to get the help that you need.

After you have suffered a brain injury, the changes that are undergone may be temporary or permanent. Each person is a unique individual and therefore the changes that they undergo is completely dependent on the type, location, and the severity of the injuries. It can also be dependent on the state of the person prior to the injuries. The extent of some of the changes may present themselves during the course of time. Some people even seem to be ok, but fall into comas after some time has passed.

It is important that, following an accident or any other trauma to the brain, the correct medical assessment is done to ascertain the full extent of the damages. This is the only way that you can be sure of exactly what to claim for in a lawsuit. Even though sometimes the symptoms are not visible and even upon examination, something is left undone.

You will need to get the help of professionals who are familiar with these types of injuries and the resulting symptoms that are suffered as a result, to act on your behalf. This will get you through the proper channels when you make your claim.

No matter how simple the accident seems to you, the resulting factor may be more serious than you thought it could be. There are several ways in which a brain injury can have an impact on your life. It can include cognitive changes such as problems with memory, poor concentration, and lack of focus.

Also, slurred speech, delayed responses, lack of problem solving abilities, inflexibility, and difficulties in communicating as well as many other, long term effects on a person’s life. They can also suffer from physical changes, fatigue, pain, headache, loss of mobility, sexual dysfunction, or even seizures or changes in their behaviour.

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