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container HOUSES are they a steel? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, January 03, 2014

Mud brick, wooden, steel container houses...imagination in the mind of a creative designer can create ship- to- shore dwellings, hatch inspired of course.


If i could just be serious for a few minutes of your valuable time. This post is about 'alternative' dwellings as i will have to get into something relatively cheap soon and those shipping containers just look great when converted properly.

Obviously removed from the ship first unless of course you are a transient traveler with no lean-to sea-sickness,providing you are not living in a container on the bottom of the ship's stackable lego pile.

Serious, was looking on the net and spied a house in an affluent Australian housing suburb made out of about six of these rodent proof,waterproof, cyclone proof (according to one blurb) jiggers.

The house and the simple stackable design by an architect looked absolutely stunning the way it was presented and i bet the price-it was for sale- may have been stunning too?

Any of you guys live in one? Was wondering if the machinations were made available if they could be used as affordable temporary housing as such and i think they do?

Major cost would appear to be the cutting of apertures in these steel houses- to- be. Plasma,oxy or grinder with resultant individual costs obviously.

I guess council permits would rear their construct or no heads. It's amazing and brilliant how a bit of imaginative juice flows and the resultant styles in most cases in a bush setting in particular how they blend simplistically into their surrounds.

Obviously if you've had a blue with the missus and she walks outside and you hear a loud clang of the red swing door closing and the bar is locked down from outside you do have an escape cutout somewhere in the block now don't you?

Actually i'm not quite ready yet and can't really make up my mind so that gives you a good deal of time to shout perhaps through the wall of an uncut version,"look! i'm sorry dear! First thing tomorrow i'll cut a window out, i acknowledge it is a bit stuffy in here admittedly, and i'll chuck in a door. Or, leave it as it is and we'll get the container with us in it shipped around the world on a pleasure cruise container ship bound for any port in a storm as opposed to the lego block encountering rough weather and ending up in the drink before we can avail ourselves of one.

Now i believe this method of traveling the globe could go viral and global! 'WHY?" I hear your muffled scream in the uncut container." 1. PRIVACY. 2. How many shipping containers do you see crash- landing on airport runways? 3. Have you ever seen one fall out of the sky even?...i hear your muffled response "no,never!" That's probably because you've spent too much time INSIDE the container which your wife locked some time back...4. Pirates attack cruise ships and kick the cabin doors in. Let them try that even with steel-capped work boots on trying to kick start a blue with the door on your red container!

5. The neighbor next door wants to borrow your mower to mow down the attacking Pirates but he doesn't have to as they're all writhing round with bent sore toes! But you see that's a bonus because the sign on your container states clearly ' FOOT MASSAGE BACK UP TO THE DOOR AND WE'LL FOOT THE BILL! However if the Pirate's name is not Bill we'll get our 'back up' to come forward...a left over cruise missile seconded from a cruise ship to send you on your merry way...all the way back to the xmas islands! 6. If you don't like the neighbor and she's not very well stacked get the missus to crane her down the other end of the stack...or maybe swing on by for a quick dip?

7. You DID cut a secret hatch in your missile toe container. You've snuck up behind your missus and kissed her under the mistletoe and aint that what the container of life is about? 8. They're cheap. 9. The containers are too if you're after a single one... 10. Just make sure she doesn't leak and check for rust spots inside and out and she's not too dented. Although if she's got good steel bones and potential for a quick makeover i'd grab er. Before the Pirates do!

I believe i'm on to a cantilevered winner here! You may say Lego...i say stack 'em up under the mistletoe and they won't want to Lego!

If you currently live in one...i DIDN'T say love in one- like to get your view...from outside looking in as to the feasibility of such a move.

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