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Thank Heaven for Summer Camp

by kpbell3 (writer), Jefferson, June 21, 2007

This summer I finally announced to my husband, "I've had it!" He barely looks up at me, expecting me to just go on and on about something trivial to him, like who was just kicked off Survivor or that I broke a nail doing something else that wouldn't interest him either. But instead, I told him what the price increase was going to be at the daycare where my children would be spending their summer. "$250.00 a week!" I exclaimed. "Plus we have to pay each time there's a field trip!" I wondered aloud if our children were being watched by Mary Poppins herself at those prices. I know that a lot of Atlanta parents would be thrilled to pay that amount, as I'm sure a lot of childcare providers charge much more, but me? Living out in the "sticks"? Nuts. Crazy nuts.

So, I picked up the phone and started calling around.

Then it happened.

A miracle occurred.

I talked to the Parks & Rec department near my house. How near? Glad you asked. Two miles. Yep, two miles. Since I didn't live inside city limits, I didn't realize I could utilize their summer camp, but I can. $70.00 a week for the first child, $65.00 for the next. Since I have a "next" child, it's $135.00 a week. By saving this much money, I'm already starting to dream of planning a cruise to Alaska. Plus, all field trips are included. I nearly passed out at that one. And they aren't crummy trips, either. Six Flags, American Adventures, Bowling, Skating, Swimming, Tubing.

They were a bit nervous at first, because this summer camp was filled with children in the - shock! - city schools, not county. They would know nobody. They fit right in and have had a blast so far. So have I.

If you have children the same age (or close to) as mine are (ages 5 and 8), then you know how hard it is to get them to go to bed at night. Well, under normal circumstances, anyway. With the added activities and excitement they experience daily now, my children put themselves to bed now between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. Summer Camp has worn them out. They come home exhausted and hungry. Not to mention the fabulous George Hamilton tans they've both acquired already. Being their pasty-white mother, I'm quite jealous.

Which reminds me...Honey, would you like a glass of wine? The kids are in bed and it's only 8:00...

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