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Success Story of the Most Famous Celebrity Chefs

by paris (writer), , December 20, 2013


A Close Insights on the Most Successful Chefs Career

It is one’s own passion that takes one along. Never stop dreaming, dreams are the biggest source of creativity and it is the imagination that causes the most versatile color to collide and create some of the best masterpiece on the canvas. In the kitchen you are the artist and the dishware your canvas, waiting for the next ‘da Vinci’ finesse. If you have the obsession for your dreams, all you require is a bit of inspiration and you are good to go. Here are the top notch chefs and their inspirational stories.

Bobby Flay

The source of one of the most truly inspirational celebrity chef success stories, Bobby Flay first got his start in the restaurant industry working as a Busboy in New York City's Joe Allen Restaurant. Bobby Flay later attended the French Culinary Institute before starting his award-winning restaurant Mesa Grille, which specializes in south western cuisine. Flay has since opened many additional eateries, including a healthy roster of burger and steak restaurants, making himself a well-respected restaurateur. His business savvy extends beyond his on-screen success and into his line of cooking products, cookbooks and popular line of gourmet spices and rubs. Like many other celebrity chefs, Flay has hosted several cooking shows on The Food Network and most recently has become a host of Iron Chef America.

Rachel Ray

The humble celebrity chef has been wildly successful in the culinary industry. Though she's had no formal training, she managed to turn her passion for cooking into several successful television series on the Food Network, which include "30 Minute Meals" and "$40 a day." She's now the host of several syndicated cooking shows, is the host of a talk show, has authored several cookbooks and magazines and maintains a successful line of cooking products. The Rachel Ray name has become an empire in itself. According to Forbes magazine, her earnings for 2012 approached $40 million.

Ree Drummond

If you're searching for inspiration on how to become a top chef, look no further than self-made celebrity chef Ree Drummond – the Pioneer Woman. Many would argue that the Pioneer Woman was destined for culinary success long before she got her big break as a television host of her own cooking show on the Food Network, “The Pioneer Woman.” Drummond grew herself into culinary stardom through the use of her blog, which she started in 2006. She used her blog as a platform to build a loyal following of readers and fans before launching her popular cookbook, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks.” This later led to her being offered a cooking show on the Food Network in 2011.

Gordon Ramsey

When most people think of a celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey typically comes to mind. He is one of the most sensational success stories of all times since he worked his way from bottom to top in the culinary industry. Now, he is a successful celebrity chef, TV show host and restaurateur. Ramsey owns several successful international restaurants such as Restaurant Gordon Ramsey in the U.K., La Veranda in France and Maze in the United States. Of course, his many popular television shows such as "Kitchen Nightmares," "Hell's Kitchen" and "Hotel Hell" all lend to his credibility and his status as a celebrity chef.

All these individuals didn’t become `a successful chef’ over night. Education matters a lot, as all these famous celebrity chefs graduated from top culinary schools with flying colors. They fought for it, they craved for success and in order to get that success they worked harder and harder each day. Hope is the biggest strength and my friends don’t lose it, as you have the potential to become the next Gordon Ramsey or Bobby Flay. If you hope and work towards it, there is a possibility that the next successful chef story is about you.

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